Outpost Zero Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Outpost Zero 
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 Outpost Zero Cheats

Outpost Zero

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Format: Cheat CheatName UniqueID InputVariable1 InputVariable2
* Cheats are now called through the chat box with /instead of the command console.

Ophelia X Y Index 
=DOES NOT TAKE A UNIQUE ID - Calls an environmental event in area x y of index. 
 If index is invalid, will print all relevant indices.

ModifyThePhaseVariance Integer 
=Set Current Progression Level to the Input.

ShowMeTheMoney NumStacks PerStack Index 
=Gives the player NumStacks with PerStack amount of the Index Resource 
 (invalid Index will print all resource classes indexed).

MedievalMan NumStacks PerStack
=Gives the player NumStacks of all functional ammo types with PerStack in each.

=Sets the players energy to full.

=Sets the players health to full.

SomethingForNothing IntegerValue IntegerIndex
=Add value amount of stat class index to the player...qjump height.

GameOverMan XDamage
=Does X SurvivalDamageType damage to player.

OperationCWAL XDamage
vSet the base damage of the currently equipped weapon to XDamage.

WarAintWhatItUsedToBe WeaponTypeIndex
=Attempts to add all weapons or armor of a certain type to the player inventory 
 based on an input index from 0-6: 
 Melee, Ranged, Utility, Gathering, Worker, Soldier, Stalker.

RadioFreeZerg DelayToRaid RaidLevel NumPirates
=Spawns a pirate raid based on input values.

NoGlues FloatX FloatY FloatZ 
=Teleport to map location XYZ. Converts from map coordinates to world coordinates.

=Prints all players Unique ID's and their map XYZ coordinates.

=Reset the players tutorial.

=Reset the player's inventory to default settings.

UpUpDownDown Index
=Spawns a friendly bot: 1=drone 2=humanoid.

=PlayerID, Radius - claims all buildings for Player UniqueNetIDString in radius 
 around their character.

=Respawns the player in a new pawn.

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