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  Hints and Tips for: Over The Hedge 
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 Over The Hedge Cheats

Over The Hedge

Easy full health objective:
On level 4, "Caught In The Hedge", there is a beat the level with full 
health objective. To accomplish this, switch to the CPU at the very end
of the level. They will have taken no damage and have full health.

DreamWorks game references:
After completing "Projector Heist", go by the tree stump in the woods. 
The two possums will be watching Shrek Super Slam on the film projector.
The projector and laptop show different DreamWorks video game screens. 
The laptop always shows Shrek Super Slam. The projector is different, 
however. From when you first get the projector until about half way 
through, Shrek Super Slam is on the screen. From about halfway through 
the game until just before you play the final level, it plays Shark Tale. 
After you play the last level it will show Madagascar. However, even 
though they show the video games the animals sitting next to the projector 
will talk as if they were watching the actual movie. 

Complete the indicated number of objectives to unlock The bonus. 
Finishing Moves attack  : 20 objectives
Ground Pound attack     : 50 objectives
Bumper Carts 1 mini-game: 15 objectives
Bumper Carts 2 mini-game: 45 objectives
Race Track 1 mini-game  : 25 objectives
Race Track 2 mini-game  : 60 objectives
Range Driver 1 mini-game: 10 objectives
Range Driver 2 mini-game: 40 objectives 

Battle with Depelterom:
By you it will be necessary as the minimum of 50 eaten boxes of potato chips 
(5 live Update'ov) and so many the overcured pastry. We run from behind boss 
so that it you would not suck by the vacuum cleaner. We shoot to it at the 
right hand. This is engaged itself a little time. As soon as right hand will 
fall off - aim into the left hand. When left hand falls - it is discovered 
grid, let us move away and shoot, or we approach and it is utilized special 
-attack (Kombo - Strayk). Now it is possible to be straightened with the 
vacuum cleaner. I was investigated with it 5 minutes - so that this not so 
it is complicated. We afterward again go back, it is discovered cell and we 
beat along propane. Last action must be repeated until Depelter it jerks. 
All, you with it were finished.

Jump Across Arena 3:
In Arena 3 there should be a place at the top of the arena where you can jump,
go into the right corner and use boost to ram into it, after that you should 
be in the air don't let go of the GO button and keep tapping boost. It takes 
a lot of practice.

Kill animals easier:
The best place to use this is the first night level with that rat king guy, you
can press 6 aim it at him and you can get his gun and shoot down enemys easily.
Note: You only get 20 ammo each gun.

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