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  Hints and Tips for: Oxygen Not Included 
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 Oxygen Not Included Cheats

Oxygen Not Included

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

You can force the game to make all the commands available. This can easily be done 
by just creating a simple (empty) text-file inside the ”OxygenNotIncluded_Data“-folder 
which is located at the root of the game-folder. The text-file needs to be named:

Note: The “.txt” is the extension! The filename should be “debug_enable”.

This allows you to use Debug-commands (A restart of the game is necessary). This is 
very useful for screen-shot purposes as you can disable all hud by pressing ALT + F1 
in-game or unlock the camera so you can zoom further out. The Control-submenu is full 
of the commands, but please note that SOME of these commands will crash the game or 
just not work.
Start after adding "debug_enable.txt" file, then press backspace to open the debug 

Result                      Code
Instant Build Mode        - CTRL + F4
Invincible / God Mode     - ALT + F7
Discover All Elements     - CTRL + F9
DebugToggle               - Backspace
ToggleProfiler            - Backquote/Tilde
DebugVisualTest           - SHIFT + F1
DebugGameplayTest         - SHIFT + F2
DebugElementTest          - SHIFT + F3
DebugRiverTest            - SHIFT + F4
DebugTileTest             - SHIFT + F5
DebugSelectMalerlia!      - CTRL + 5
DebugToggleMusic          - CTRL + M
DebugFocus                - CTRL + T
DebugUltraTestMode        - CTRL + U
DebugSpawnMinion          - CTRL + F2
DebugPlace                - CTRL + F3
DebugInstantBuildMode     - CTRL + F4
DebugShowTestMode         - CTRL + F5
DebugDig                  - CTRL + F6
DebugExplosion            - CTRL + F8
DebugDiscoverAllElements  - CTRL + F9
DebugTriggerException     - CTRL + F12
DebugRefreshNavDell       - ALT + N
DebugTeleport             - ALT + O
DebugGotoTarget           - ALT + O
DebugToggleSelectInEditor - ALT + T
DebugPathFinding          - ALT + P
DebugReloadMods           - ALT + M
DebugReloadLevel          - ALT + L
DebugSuperSpeed           - ALT + Z
DebugNotification         - ALT + X
DebugNotificationMessage  - ALT + C
DebugToggleUI             - ALT + F1
DebugCollectGarbage       - ALT + F3
DebugInvincible           - ALT + F7
DebugApplyHighAudioReverb - ALT + F8
DebugApplyLowAudioReverb  - ALT + F9
DebugForceLightEverywhere - ALT + F10
DebugCellInfo             - ALT + F11

Tips & Tricks:
* At early in the game, you might think you have enough algae. But NO, you don’t.
* Build at least 2 Massage Tables, especially if your stress level are reaching 
  40-50%. You should try to avoid using them as much as possible, but it’s better 
  to let them rest in the table instead of stressing out (>80%)
* Watch for warning notification, dupes are not the smartest creature in the 
  asteroid, sometime they can kill themselves in the most unpredictable (stupid) 
* Exploring is good, but be careful not to expand too much or open a big vacuum 
  area when your oxygen production is still low.
* Taking new dupe is okay, but be very careful with your oxygen & food supply.
* Certain dupes can fart, and it release as natural gas.
* Some resource are more scarce than the other, be very careful. 
  Some example: At early game: Algae, clean water, and metal (copper, gold). 
  At mid-late game: Sands and coal.
* You might think mealwood will be your stable food supply. But NO, it is not.
  First of all, if you don’t reach excellent yield, they won’t give any seed 
  back, so you can run out of them. Second, they are low quality of food. You 
  shouldn’t depends on them at mid-late game, they are causing stress to your 
  high level dupes.
* Farming has 3 yields: Standard, Good, and Excellent. Different plant have 
  different conditions to meet. But to reach Excellent yield, you need to 
  fulfill all of their conditions (fertilize, irrigate, ideal temperature & 
  gas pressure).

Gameplay Tips:
Written by Mixairian.

-=Food Management 
If you set your Rations Box to Priority 6, when you dig up food while exploring, 
your Dupes will automatically bring it to the box. 
This also applies to food that has been harvested, and cooked. 

-=CO2 is Sterile 
Food does not rot in a sterile environment. If you place your Rations Box fully 
submerged in CO2, the food inside of it will not rot. 

-=CO2 is heavier than O2 
Assuming you have O2 generation in your base, CO2 will sink downward. Create pits 
toward the bottom of your base for food/CO2 storage. 

-=Food / Item Transfers
If you set your new Rations Box/Storage Container to Priority 6, and a different 
one has a lower Priority, your Dupes will automatically transfer the items in them. 

-=Don't kill Hatch's
Seriously, don't kill them. This one was embarrassing as hell. I had no clue that 
they make coal. Coal is used for power generation a few cycles in via Coal Generator.
If you build a storage compartment near them, and fill it with dirt; you can feed 
them to keep making you coal. If you have all tile underneath them, the Hatch's 
never go to sleep. 

-=Base Design
Base design is important. You need enough space in each room for items, and decor, 
while enough space between rooms to allow for airflow (thus needing less O2 producing 
items.) Creating a 3 block space between rooms. Room 1 ends, empty tile, ladder, 
empty tile, room 2. Dupes can jump one space, land on the ladder, and go to the 
next room. Having a 3 open block space between rooms provides better air flow 
for Oxygen. - Refer to the Image section below. 

Algae is Limited Early Game Early game, Algae is limited. Move on to Electrolyzers 
for O2 until you can SAFETLY enter the Slime biome. 

-=Food Priorities 
So my Dupes would always eat Meallice, and I could never make bars. I had no clue 
that you can set your Dupes to not eat certain foods. Color me stupid. 

-=Population Control
You can reject taking on new Duplicants. 
You should NOT take more than 6-8 until your colony is fully stablized. 

-=Building Rotation
Certain buildings can be rotated using the O key. 

-=Such as airlocks!
Airlocks can be rotated to be up-down rather than left-right! 

-=Airlock Control
You can prevent certain Dupes from using an airlock by clicking it, and choosing 
access permission. 

Abyssalite Is great for keeping a cold area cold, or warm area warm, BUT if you take 
Abyssalite from a warm area, and try to tile a cold area, that Abyssalite will 
maintain the heat from the area you harvested it. 

-=Slime Biome
Do not rush into the Slime Biome. Slimelung can seriously mess you up if you're not 
careful. Make sure you've multiple airlocks, wash basins, and ore scrubber setup 
before entering one. Limit how many of your Dupes enter at a time.

Liquid / Gas Valve Guide:
Written by Setokaiva

Describes what Liquid and Gas valves are, what exactly they do, and how they can 
be used in your colony.

I'll get straight to the point. It took me a long time to figure out what valves 
were good for, or even what they did in ONI. Obviously, they allow gas and liquid 
flow only one way, do not require power, etc. But recently, I discovered a way 
they can be used to more efficiently spread the flow of such resources through 
your colony.

The process is actually really simple. All you need to do is hook, say, a liquid 
valve up to your main water pipe that goes to your Lavatories and Sinks. However, 
do not have the flow output of the valve running to your toilets; instead, hook 
the input to the pipe itself, and leave the output somewhere off to the side. 
This may seem counter-intuitive, but what this does is it causes part of the water
flow to be siphoned off from the pipe, and sent to the output.

I used this to solve the issue of how I was unhappy with my main water pipe just 
stopping after it flowed to the toilets, and me not wanting to snake it all the 
way back around to my Carbon Skimmer in my coal-fired power plant area. Instead, 
I installed a valve on the pipe near my water cistern, and bam! Water just flowed 
through the output at an easily settable rate, plenty and to spare to run the 
skimmer all cycle long. And all this without interrupting the flow of water to my 
bathrooms at all; all I did was 'borrow' some water from the pipe, since the 
bathrooms didn't need so much anyhow. This prevented me from having to build a 
whole new length of liquid piping, or even a new liquid pump entirely, as I could 
now much more efficiently use the water I had already available.

There! Now you are armed with the knowledge of precisely what valves do. I wrote 
this short guide because I was unsatisfied with what the tooltips told me; if 
I'd known before they could essentially siphon off pipe flows, I would have used 
them a LOT sooner, as adding in valves makes my colony feel a lot more clean and 
efficient with its resources.

Asteroid Spawn Seeds:
Written by Shutterbug

Here is a guide to help you find the perfect asteroid for your dupes.

Metal Rich, Geoactive, Geode, Buried Oil
- LUSH-A-1891439552-0
-=Geodes, Geoactive, Subsurface Ocean=-
- LUSH-A-1527267609-9G

-=Metal Rich, Geodes, Volcanic=-
- LUSH-A-227681179-9G

-=Metal Rich, Geoactive=-
- LUSH-A-1792056680-9G
- LUSH-A-711186410-9G
- LUSH-A-728382013-9G
- LUSH-A-155604863-9G
- LUSH-A-1416530935-9G

-=Metal Rich, Geoactive, Slime, Subsurface Ocean=-
- LUSH-A-338763426-9G

-=Geoactive, Geodes=-
- LUSH-A-1818566129-9G

-=Geoactive, Metal Rich, Subsurface Ocean=-
- LUSH-A-1923289272-9G
- LUSH-A-648154022-9G

-=Geoactive, Buried Oil=-
- LUSH-A-1282690020-9G
- LUSH-A-2047601274-9G
-=Metal Rich, Buried Oil=-
- LUSH-A-286294181-9G

-=Geodes, Geoactive, Buried Oil=-
- LUSH-A-1766271852-9G
- LUSH-A-1663253720-0

-=Geodes, Geoactive, Subsurface Ocean=-
- LUSH-A-836481812-9G

-=Metal Rich, Geodes=-
- LUSH-A-1339769679-9G

-=Metal Rich, Geodes, Subsurface Ocean=-
- LUSH-A-1991197848-9G

-=Metal Rich, Geodes, Geoactive=-
- LUSH-A-649630753-9G

Critter Space Requirements:
Written by Noise.

So how much space do these wild beasts realy need...

A Lot of Space
Only tested with morphs listed here...
Only Total Room Volume Maters (1X12 pilars are perfectly acceptable living space).
Eggs also need as much space as the fully grown creature needs.

12 Tiles of space per:
Normal / Sage / Stone / Smooth Hatch.
Shine / Sun Bug.
Normal / Glosy Drecko.

16 Tiles of space per Normal / Prince Puft.

Morbs don't care at all but they use 16 Tiles.

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