Panzer Corps Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Panzer Corps 
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 Panzer Corps Cheats

Panzer Corps

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+C to enter a cheat code. 
Here is a list of supported codes (#N means an integer number).

Effect                                                       Code	
Adds #N to air transports num (can be negative)            - air #N
Adds #N to aux slots (can be negative)                     - aux #N
Adds #N to core slots (can be negative)                    - core #N
Adds #N to prestige (can be negative)                      - prestige #N
Adds #N to rail transports num (can be negative)           - rail #N
Adds #N to scenario turn count. Can be negative.           - turns #N
Adds #N to sea transports num (can be negative)            - sea #N
All killed units move to reserve with zero strength and
can be reformed before the next scen                       - reform units
All units move at speed 50. Entering the code again 
disables this mode.                                        - turbo units
Allows to buy any future equipment. Entering the code 
again disables this mode.                                  - all eqp
Any attack by our units forces the enemy to retreat. 
Entering the code again disables this mode.                - force retreat
Disables ZOC for our units. Entering the code again 
disables this mode.                                        - no zoc
Ends current scenario with outcome #N (in campaigns 
0=decisive victory, 1=marginal victory, 2=loss).           - endscn #N
Every attack of our units completely kills the opponent.
Entering the code again disables this mode. 
Bye bye save/reload.                                       - uber units
Makes all combats play exactly as they were predicted 
(unless rugged defense happens)                            - chess
Sets ammo of the selected unit to #N                       - ammo #N
Sets current weather 
(0=clear, 1=overcase, 2=raining, 3=snowing)                - weather #N
Sets entrenchment of the selected unit to #N               - ent #N
Sets experience of the selected unit to #N                 - exp #N
Sets fuel of the selected unit to #N                       - fuel #N
Sets ground state (0=dry, 1=muddy, 2=frozen)               - ground #N
Sets strength of the selected unit to #N                   - str #N
Shows enemy's units on the map (the opponent will not 
see our units until he enteres this code on his turn).
Entering the code again disables this mod.                 - fog of war
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