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  Hints and Tips for: Parkasaurus 
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 Parkasaurus Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Get Traits:
Written by Faxeh

This guide details what traits there are and how to get them.

-=What Traits Do=_
Traits raise dinosaur appeal and can change dinosaur behavior, stats, and 
appearance, or game play mechanics such as breeding. Each dinosaur can 
only have 2 traits.

-=Trait Effects=-
* The chubby trait makes a dino eat more but grow larger.
* The friendly trait makes the dinosaur more friendly to other dinosaurs.
* The poopy trait makes the dinosaur poop more.
* The shy trait makes the dinosaur dislike crowded spaces.
* The scary trait makes the dinosaur more scary to other dinosaurs.
* The parthenogensis trait makes the dinosaur able to reproduce without a partner.
* The sleep trait makes the dinosaur sleep more often.
* The smart trait makes the dinosaur level up faster.
* The damage trait makes the dinosaur do more damage when attacking.
* The showoff trait makes the dinosaur enjoy attention from guests.
* The shiny trait makes the dinosaur have a shiny, glowing secondary color and 
  more appeal.

-=How to Get Traits=-
To gain a trait you must put an item or hat in one of the blue slots in a dinosaur's 
egg info before they hatch. Once hatched or by looking through the scan option, you 
can see what trait they have gotten.

Meat                     - Chubby.
Plant                    - Friendly.
Footprints               - Shy.
Skulls                   - Scary.
Dinosaur Eggs            - Poopy.
Epic Gem                 - Parthenogensis.
Imperfect Gem & Rare Gem - Shiny.

Twirly Hat, Winter Hat, Stargate Glasses, 
Hotdog Hat, Cone of Shame, Cheese Hat, 
Holiday Fun, Hip Glasses, & Bow         - Sleep.

Fedora, Witch Hat, & Unicorn Horn       - Damage.
Cool Glasses                            - Showoff.
Space Glasses                           - Smart.

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