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  Hints and Tips for: Pastry Lovers 
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 Pastry Lovers Cheats

Pastry Lovers

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Henin's Route:
Written by NaYu

A guide for Henin (or Henings?) Route.

* Focus on clearing main task first (obviously).
* Give Christopher DM cake everynight 
  (until a minimum of 110 favorability).
* Join the Elegant Club (William's club).
* For choices between 4 main boys, try going for Christopher or William. 
* You need 50 favorability points to proceed Henin's route 
  (No wrong answers allowed).

-=Painting Class=-
You can take painting class a maximum of 9 times. Each correct answer 
gives +5 Henin's Favorability. You can get a total of 40 Favorability 
from painting class.

* Composition
* Help Clean up mess
* Find an opportunity to ask Henin
* I'm Interested in it
* The charm of classical works can stand the test of time
* Go there and see what happened to him
* Stay after class
* Approach him and say something

-=Elegant Club=-
You can get 5 favorability point from correct answer in the club.

* Yes I wan't to share
* Final Semester (3rd Semester)
* In the final semester, when you visit outside, Restaurant will be unlock. 
  Visit resetaurant and meet Henin.
* At night -> Outside -> Restaurant.
* I admire him for a long time

You just need to focus on Overseas Study, so:

* Max out Painting, History and/or Tea Ceremony class in Classroom if you haven't. 
* Make sure favorability for Christopher DM is 110 or more.
* Go to the garden often, there is one Henin scene (no choice).

-=Overseas Study
Once the third semester ends, choose.

* Overseas Study - Christopher DM, Hening
* I'm not sure
* Answer does not matter
* Answer does not matter (He won't tell you anyway)
* I'm starving (longer scene)
* Profess

Choose Don't Profess for bad ending.

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