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  Hints and Tips for: Path of Exile 
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 Path of Exile Cheats

Path of Exile

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Steam achievements:
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view
your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", then "My profile", 
then "View  all my games", then the game and view stats.

Achievement        How to Unlock
A New Dawn       - Vanquish the Vaal Oversoul.
All Ears         - Listen to all optional NPC dialogue.
Ancestral Power  - Have 3 totems alive at one time.
Ascension        - Finish the game on Cruel difficulty in a non-Hardcore League.
Assassin         - Kill Dominus as the Shadow.
Beginner's Luck  - Have a Unique Item drop in the Twilight Strand on Normal difficulty.
Breaking Free    - Finish the game on Normal difficulty in a non-Hardcore League.
Capture the Flag - Captuer a flag during any CTF match.
Cartographer     - Fully clear an end-game Map area.
Champion         - Kill Dominus as the Duelist.
Conqueror        - Kill Dominus as the Marauder.
Cryomancer       - Shatter 5 monsters with a single action.
Dauntless        - Finish the game on Cruel difficulty in a Hardcore League.
Eternal          - Reach level 90 as a Hardcore character.
Fearless         - Finish the game on Normal difficulty in a Hardcore League.
Freedom          - Free the Scion.
Golden Touch     - Open a Large Chest.
Hunter           - Kill Dominus as the Ranger.
Immortal         - Reach level 80 as a Hardcore character.
Indomitable      - Finish the game on Merciless difficulty in a Hardcore League.
Left to Chance   - Create a unique item using an Orb of Chance.
Locomancer       - Tag each waypoint in each difficulty.
Mercy Killing    - Kill Brutus, Warden of Axiom Prison.
No Loose Ends    - Complete each sidequest in each difficulty.
One of a Kind    - Equip a Unique item.
Out of the Gate  - Reach level 8 in any race event.
Saviour          - Kill Dominus as the Templar.
Seeker           - Kill Dominus as the Scion.
Survivor         - Reach level 60 as a Hardcore character.
Undying          - Reach level 70 as a Hardcore character.
Usurper          - Kill Dominus as the Witch.
Vengeance        - Finish the game on Merciless difficulty in a non-Hardcore League.
Well-Connected   - Create an item with 6 linked slots using an Orb of Fusing.
Zombie Horde     - Have 9 raised zombies alive at one time.

Unlockable                 How to Unlock	
Cruel Mode          - Beat Normal mode.
Merciless Mode      - Beat Cruel mode.
The Scion Character - To unlock her, you must find her at the last area in Normal mode.

Achievements for Atlas Completion:
Written by Salty.

Helps people get the atlas achivements, the ones that requires you to complete all 
the maps on the atlas!

Just a simple guide to help you get the cartographers achievements in POE.
I have seen people on reddit and myself not get the achivement for completing all the
maps on the respective tier, yet I have for sure done all the white and yellow maps already.
The most important thing to keep in mind while hunting these achivements is that shaped 
maps will mess up the achivement. As of 3.0 , if you shape a map , it will no longer 
count for its original tier, thus make it impossible for you to obtain the achivement.
If you have shaped a map, just get the unshaping orb from the vendor recipe of 20 chisels 
and 5 regrets, and use on the shaped map and complete it like normal. If you would like 
to shape it again after you get the achievement, just do the bonus objective again.

-=White Maps (Tier 1-5)
Very straight forward, all these maps are easy to obtain, whether getting them as drops,
or buying them from other players. Just complete them all and make sure to not shape any
of them before you complete all the white tier maps or else the achivement wont count.

-=Yellow Maps (Tier 6-10)
Also fairly straight forward, most of these will drop naturally, but may require some 
to be purchased from other players. 
Again dont shape any of them mid tier maps until you get the completion achivement.

-=Red Maps (Tier 11-16)
The highest tiers of maps, the red maps, now these will be much harder to complete
fully due to the rarity of the red maps dropping.

Some of these will be rather hard to obtain if they have a particularly hard or 
unpleasant layout (cough maze scriptorium).

On a side note, if your build isnt that great, remeber that the achivements need you 
to complete the map, meaning to you can finish the map at normal rarity and it would 
still count. You dont need to alch and vaal the map for it to count towards this 
achivement. How ever if you want it to count towards the atlas bonus in game, you 
will need to alch and vaal the map.

How to Obtain Invested with Blood Achievement:
Written by Diaboliks

Character: Witch - Necromancer(this dont matter).
Armour: Bloodbond Bone Armour (for %maximum life).
Amulet: Astramentis Onyx Amulet (for attributes).
Rings: any ring with t1 or t2 maximum life (60+ maximum life).
Belt: any belt with t1 or t2 maximum life (75+ maximum life).
Gloves: Southbound Soldier Gloves (for %maximum life).
Boots: any boots with t1 or t2 maximum life (75+ maximum life).
Helm: Alpha's Howl Sinner Tricone (2xGreen, 1xRed, 1xBlue sockets).
Jewels: 2x Anatomical Knowledge Cobalt Jewel(put in any unlocked socket on the 
Skill Tree, I choose to mark 2 zones in my picture where you can socket them). 
I choose to add some life nodes from Skill Tree that contains life (the fastest 
zone was the one who contain Constitution, also marked on my picture).
Gems: 1x Blood Magic Support at Level 1; 1x Precision at Level 1; 1x Hatred at Level 1.

All you need to do is to activate those two Aura Skills. The achievement will pop up.

Stash Tab Explained!:
Writen by  Canis dingo

I always hear people ask which stash tabs they should get first.

-=What does each tab do?=- 
Currency: Stores currency, and has a central large slot for holding an item. I personally 
use this to store something I am crafting. Thereís a bunch of small slots down at the 
bottom to store prophecies and other stuff as well. 
Unique: Store ONE of each unique item. 
Essence: Stores all the essences used for crafting, has a large slot in the center. 
Maps: Stores maps, plain and simple. Makes it super easy to run maps of specific zones/tiers. 
Cards: Stores divination cards, can be set to only show full stacks. 
Fragments: Stores various boss key fragments, emblems, and splinters. 
Also has pages for Scarabs and Breachstones. 
Delve: Stores Fossils and Resonators. Has 2 large slots. 
Blight: Stores Oils and Blighted Maps. Has one large slot, and can be used to anoint items 
in said slot. 
Metamorph: Stores Organs and Catalysts. Has one large slot. 
Delirium: Stores Deli Orbs and Simulacrum stuff. Has 4 small misc slots. 
Quad: One tab that has 4 times the amount of storage as normal stash tabs. 
(Stuff will appear smaller) 
Premium: Can be renamed and recolored. Can be set to be visible to public. 
-=Which ones should I get?=- 
Straight out the gate, I would suggest buying at least one premium t
ab if youíre in Trade. 
You can use this to have items listed while running maps and stuff. Much easier than spamming 
chat to sell items. 
After that, Iíd recommend a Map tab. It will just make your life SO much easier. Set the 
affinity in it, and you can just ctrl click every map in your inventory to dump them all, 
and have them be Auto sorted. 
Currency tab next. Again: just makes your life easy. No longer have to sift through your tabs 
looking for stray Chaos orbs. 
After those, snag a quad tab. Just dump EVERYTHING into it. Minimize your time spent in 
hideout, and sort through it at the end. 
At this point you will want to upgrade a few more normal tabs into premiums. You can set each 
one to a different price and just fill em up with stuff, instead of having to individually 
price items. 
This is where Iíd recommend getting the Div Card, Fragment, and Essence tabs. No specific order, 
just whichever you notice taking up a lot of space. 
From here on itís more or less up to you. If you do a lot of delving, and think the Delve tab 
would facilitate faster/easier sorting, go for it. Same can be applied to Blight, Meta, and Deli. 
If you havenít already, upgrade the rest of your normal stash tabs. 
I would only suggest getting the unique tab if you want to keep every single unique you find. 
Thereís no real use for it, since most uniques arenít worth much. 
If you decide at this point to buy more tabs, more power to you. Healthy mix of dump tabs, and 
premiums. At the time of writing this guide, I have 4 Dump tabs, and a folder with 6 tabs in 
it for potential builds. 

Buy whatever tabs you want, tbh. In whatever order you want. There is no ďbestĒ answer. I 
recommended what personally worked for me, but if you just want 45 quad tabs, go for it. 
Similarly, if youíre okay with the standard starting tabs, perfect. Itís your money, use it 
when you need it. 
Stash tabs go on sale often, and the main advice I would give is to wait until they are on 
sale. They are really nice to have, but you donít need them to enjoy the game.


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