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  Hints and Tips for: Pavlov VR 
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 Pavlov VR Cheats

Pavlov VR

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

A Guide for New Players:
Written by CARLO5ONIC

1.First thing (I think is most important) is to download/subscribe a lot of the Most 
Popular/Subscribed Maps in the Pavlov VR Workshop to avoid waiting for the game to 
download the necessary Map files while you wait in the lobby and the rest play. A lot 
of the maps you will play in will be Workshop maps, and of course, it didn’t come 
included in the Official download since the Users that bought the game want the 
“CS:GO Experience” in VR. So they will use maps that are remade in Pavlov VR from 
CS:GO. It will be a big download of around 5-7 GB, but it will be worth it to avoid 
waiting for the slow download in-game.

2.Practice grabbing, shooting, reloading, throwing (most important), and two-handed
 gripping and ungripping weapons. You won’t have much to practice within the Lobby, 
but it is still good practice for aiming and reloading. The reason I said “(most 
important)” is because it is confusing how to throw Grenades, Flashbangs, and Smokes.

3.Some weapons reload differently, for example, the P90 you need to pull the mag out 
manually and add a new mag. These are some of these weapons AK-74U [manual eject]
(not the AK-47 with stock), Kar98 [ammo fed through the top], M590 [both shotguns 
(except the fully-auto) need to be reloaded one shell at a time](Pump Shotgun), 
Sawed-Off [motion based reloading], and the Belt fed via a box, The M249 (Negev) 
[a 5 step reload process. 1. open top cover 2. replace ammo box 3. pull ammo belt 
from the box to the middle of the gun (make sure it stays in place) 4. close top 
cover 5. Load the gun (located on the right side)].

4.If you ever run out of ammo in close combat, remember that you have a spare
pistol on your right hip that you can use. In some games modes where you start 
with a random weapon, can sometimes get a pathetic pistol (except the Deagle) 
remember that you can dual-wield :O (this is called Akimbo)! This is a one kill 
method to scavenge a new weapon for a replacement since reloading 2 pistols and 
cocking them, and it will be easier to drop your left-hand pistol to quickly 
reload the right and use it. after you obtain a new weapon. your bell will 
automatically adjust to the gun in your hand and give you the correct mag/ammo.

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