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  Hints and Tips for: PC Building Simulator 
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 PC Building Simulator Cheats

PC Building Simulator

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips & Tricks:
* About money, thereís 3 things you need to know
If you have -$1000 or more, you can still buy stuff. Simple as that.
If you have less than -$1000, the bank will charge you $10 each day.
If you have less than -$3000, you canít buy anything! 
If you reach this value and canít finish your jobs or sell spare 
parts to get above -$3000, you canít continue on that save file.

* You start with only 1 workbench. You can unlock the second one at 
Lvl. 3 and the third one at Lvl. 8. Yeah but why should I buy then? 
3D Mark. Youíll need to run 3D Mark on this machine. And the other 
machine too. And the other one. AND ANOTHER ONE. Iíd say 85% of the 
machines you pick up, you have to run 3D Mark on it for testing 
purposes, and the test takes around a minute, plus installation 
and restart times (around 15 seconds). If you donít have other 
workbenches, youíll have to sit and wait, and thatís not fun.
* Try to have 3 rigs at the workshop or in transit the whole time. 
Thatís the limit. You wonít receive any e-mails while you have 3 
rigs in the shop / in transit. When you finish a job and collect 
the money, youíll get another e-mail with another offer, and when 
you pick a job, the machine will always arrive the next day, so 
always try to leave the workshop with no rigs on it and 3 on 
transit for the quickest profit.

* At the time of creation of this patch (March 28th), you canít 
see the clientís specs in the e-mails, so you may or may not get a 
profit from it. Sometimes the client wants a 2TB HDD, which costs 
$70, and heíll pay you $60 for the job. In that case, you can just 
decline. However thereís jobs which involves discovering the problem, 
and the fix might cost more than what heís paying you.
Iíll just cancel the job then

* Generally speaking, the jobs donít pay you too much. Youíll almost 
always stay on negative balance (or maybe Iím just too bad with 
management). However, the game does not punish you for not being honest.
Thereís certain jobs that requires you for example, to just change the 
broken HDD. You open the rig, and itís a 2TB HDD. You can put a 250GB 
HDD on its place and still receive the money with no penalties or 
anything. This works with every job that requires you to only change 
specific part(s).

* DO NOT accept jobs that wants uber 3D Mark Scores. 3500 should be 
your score limit. Clients often wants to pay ~$170 for a rig with 
over 4000 on 3D Mark, and you need expensive VGAs / CPUs for that 
score, usually around $700 in total price.

* Donít worry with correctly removing cables or turning off the PC 
when youíre swapping hardware. PC booted up and itís ready for 
delivery? Just pick it from the workbench and put it on the hallway, 
no need to turn it off then remove the cables before picking it up.
The same goes to the Flash Drive and installed programs. You do not 
need to remove then before returning the rig to the hallway.

* If you donít have enough workbenches, you can pick a rig the way 
it is and put it on the hallway. It will stay there until the moment 
you finish the job, so donít worry.

* If a specific part in your inventory have a note with the ownerís 
name, that means you canít change it. That usually occurs on ďDiagnose 
and fixĒ jobs. If you think for example that the PSU is broken, remove 
it and thereís a note on it, that means it isnít broken. 
The problem is in another piece.

* The storage on the left (the one you can unlock at Lvl. 6) serves 
only for putting rigs on it instead of the hallway. Nothing more.

3D Mark Glitch:
In builds where a customer wants an upgrade and certain 3d mark score, you 
can cheat it by replacing the card with a powerful one. run the benchmark 
and as soon as 3d mark objective becames green, you can replace a powerful
card with the customerís original card. Just boot it up then deliver. You 
will retain your more powerful card and the customer is happy with its 3d 
mark score.

Note: This work only if after replace the card do not run again the 3d mark.
Note: This glitch was performed on an unpatched version of the game. 
It is likely to eventually get patched.

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