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  Hints and Tips for: People Playground 
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 People Playground Cheats

People Playground

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Charge Multiple Shots in a Weapon:

This guide shows you how to charge multiple shots in a ranged weapon!

1.Spawn in a weapon, position it so it aims at the thing you're trying to 
  shoot, and freeze time.

2.Select the weapon and start pressing F. Every time you press F you add 
  damage to the shot.

3.Stop pressing F and unfreeze time when you want to shoot. 
  The weapon should fire and destroy everything close to it.

-=The End!=-
You can do this with every ranged weapon in the game. It probably isn't useful 
for the flamethrower though. Thank you for reading my guide and have a nice day!

How to Make Burst Guns:
Written by Chris

-=Step 1: Detection=-
Choose a gun. Bigger, unmovable weapons work best, like turrets. Then, get 3 
lasers and detectors. Resize them, or keep them the same size. For this one, 
I scaled them down so they could fit behind the gun.

-=Step 2: Make delays=-
Any small item should work, however I haven't confirmed this. Delays should 
order the shots instead of making them all fire at the same time. 
I used Weapons+ nails for these.

For the first shot, the detector should be connected to the gun directly. 
After that, add one delay until you get the number of bursts you want. 
(Refer to image, i'm bad at describing things.)

-=Step 3: Wires=-
Here it gets slightly more difficult. Connect activation wires from the 
detectors to either the delays or the gun.

For delays, connect the detector to the delay, and (if there is another), 
connect to the next, then the gun. If not, connect the detector straight to the gun.

-=Step 4: Repeater=-
This is a simple, and sometimes useless, addition. If you are using a toggle, 
do not ignore this.

This is a simple connection from the gun back to the lasers. When the gun 
activates, this will disable the laser that just fired.

As a example, the bottom laser activates first. When it makes the gun fire, 
the gun will deactivate the laser. This means you don't have to press the 
activator twice to fire after the first shot.

-=Step 5: Activator=-
This is anything that is used to activated the gun. Simply connect this to 
the lasers. Not too difficult.

* The gun with not fire if the detectors do not have collision.
* The gun may not work well if not frozen.

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