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  Hints and Tips for: Per Aspera 
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 Per Aspera Cheats

Per Aspera

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

General Gameplay Tips & Tricks:
Written by Laurelai

* When you first get colonists research the tech that gives you extra space 
  ports and additional bases to drop first.

* When you have both build a few additional space ports then start the process 
  of dropping as many new bases as you have new ports.

* Drop the new bases right next to your old one, doing so spawns a number of 
  new resources. Set up miners on those.

* Research mining 2.

* Upgrade all mines.

* Continue to drop new bases when you want to expand or when you are running 
  out of resources.

* Make sure to put up a lot of worker hubs, you cant have too many really. 
  Also make damn sure you have enough maintenance to cover everything at all times.

* Do not upgrade your colonies right away, they are very very resource hungry. You 
  want two ice mines, one chem factory and one food factory for every level 1 colony
  you want to put down, or for a research station. When you want to drop a colony, 
  drop two new bases and use the ice from that. Its better to slowly expand your pop 
  using level 1 colonies and research stations. They add up quick.

* Next you want to upgrade to level 2 factories, donít waste energy trying to track 
  down your old factories just build new ones at level 2 when needed. By this point 
  your base will be huge and hard to micromanage.

* Move on to researching the nuclear power plant, if you get lucky you will find 
  uranium with your scanners. If not, dont worry about it.

* Now you start researching terraforming stuff. Some of the tech will fool you 
  into thinking its useful when it will wind up screwing you. The tech you should 
  use is the black dust, then the mirrors, then one single GHG generator. Once 
  the planet warms up enough to where you need to start adding oxygen research 
  the tech that lets you throw nitrogen comets at the planet and the biosphere 
  one that converts co2 into oxygen. Do not build oxygen generators. I repeat. 
  Do not build oxygen generators. You will wind up with too much oxygen and things 
  will catch on fire. You only need one single biosphere to convert co2 into oxygen.
  Just one.

* Keep expanding your base using the above method and slowly growing your pop to 
  keep up with research so its always somewhat fast. You eventually want to reach 
  for the tech that lets you import nitrogen from off planet. Import enough nitrogen 
  so that its above 70% of the total gasses in the atmosphere 72-75 is ideal, the 
  rest of the C02 will be converted into oxygen. You can be throwing up the dipole 
  magnetic shield around this time too, once its all done the planet is habitable.

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