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  Hints and Tips for: Phantasy Star Online 2 
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 Phantasy Star Online 2 Cheats

Phantasy Star Online 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

Guide about (The Best) 13 Star Units:
Written by W.A. the Anum

This is just a short and quick guide to the 13 star Units and which are best 
used on what and how they differ. Nothing "to deep" but still might be helpful 
to see whats more worth for you to keep or use.

This is NOT a guide about "How You Get Them". It explains the stats and 
compares them so if you look for a guideas for how you get those units, you 
might be wrong here, just in case.

-=The 13 Star Units=-
A small word before: Im sorry if my english "might suck". Im from germany 
and try my best with it. Sorry for some typos or like.

And again: This guide only goes with the "raw units" with no augments or 
setbonuses or something like.

If i also go from "Stats" i mostly go from the "stats per unit" if i say 
something like "it gives you 5 more whatever than this other armor"

This Guide is also for the made for the units/update of the NA game December 

As here seen, so far, those are, from the wiki, the best units you can get - 
here shown are the back units from each set.

Let me explain a bit which you might wanna take for which reason or kind of 
playstyle. Look on the picture in case the names are not clear/ stats are 
not clear.

-=Novel Ful=-
The "Novel Ful" is, defence wise, the best set you can use right now. 
It offers the most raw defence stats from all the sets. 
It also gives you the most HP bonus.

As downside it gives you just some PP and some additional damage - even 
damage resistance wise it gives you not much.

-=How Would I Use It=-
The Novel Ful is best in use if you try to play with more defence or 
kinda "tanky" in mind. You are very healthy and can take sure a punch 
or 2. As for PP, you might will run short on that and even your attacks 
might suffer a bit damage overall.

-=Rivalate Ful=-
The "Rivalate Ful" is pretty much the total opposite from the Novel Ful. 
Instead of giving you a pretty huge defences boost, it gives you, from all 
4 there, pretty less or even the worst defence stats and even less than half 
of the HP bonus the Novel Ful would provide you - but in the other hand, it 
powers up your attack power very good and adds 1% more RNG resistance to you. 
Next to this, it also gives you way more PP, nearly as much as the Trailblazer 

-=How Would I Use It=-
Since the Rivalate Ful gives you the worst Def stats from all the 4 sets but 
in the other hand the biggest Attack power, this set is more something you 
would use if you go on something like a "Berserk" or "Glass cannon" play style. 
The addition of the attack power and the PP makes it perfect for something 
like said play styles - But again be warned you will not have a lot defence 

The "Trailblazer" is pretty much a good "alround" set. It provides you a bit 
more raw defence but also adds a good chunk of 5-6% resistances. it doesnt 
give you as much Health as the Novel Ful but still more than the Rivalate Ful 
and even 1 more PP than said Rivalate Ful as well. It also gives you some 
more attack power as well but, again, not as much as the Rivalate Ful.

-=How Would I Use It=-
The Trailblazer is pretty much such a good set, you can use it as "alround 
set" or if your playstyle needs "the most PP". It adds some good resistances 
and still provides you with some good HP and the most PP bonus of all 4 sets.

The "Ofzehazala" should be used if your set/ playstyle needs DEX the most. 
Def wise, its, from the raw defences, pretty good in mel, bad in RNG and "ok" 
in tec defence. As for resitances it also provides a good chunk of 5% in a 
lot and with it also the most different things. As for the attack bonus it 
gives you overall 5 less (per unit) of each than the Trailblazer set would 
give but in the other hand it gives you 60 DEX(again PER UNIT), and the 
Ofzehazala (god this name, i tell you...) is the only set from all 4 which 
gives you this DEX bonus.

-=How Would I Use It=-
I think i would use this set only and i mean really ONLY if im in need of 
the DEX stat boost coz its other stats are kinda all over the place. i 
gives you overall a bit more health than the Trailblazer but not as much 
as the Novel Ful, it also doesnt give you as much PP like the Rivalate Ful 
or Trailblazer would - even in the raw defence stats and additional Damage 
its somewhere between the Rivalate Ful and Trailblazer but in the other 
hand, its the only set which would give you the said DEX bonus you might 
need for the playstyle you play.

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