Phoenix Dynasty 2 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Phoenix Dynasty 2 
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 Phoenix Dynasty 2 Cheats

Phoenix Dynasty 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Auto-Bot System and Settings:
Written by Caramio

-=AutoBot System=-
Enjoying your coffee or tea while playing a MMORPG has never been this easy! 
When a friend of yours drops by or when you want to take a break to watch the 
latest episode of your favourite show, you can leave your character to the 
special Auto-Bot system and let your character make progress 24/7 continuously. 

* Collects all the items
* You can choose the quality of the items your character will collect by 
  selecting "white and higher"’, "blue and higher", or "yellow and higher". 
* Collects money. 
* You can choose the quality of the seal stones your character will collect 
  by selecting "white and higher", "blue and higher", or "yellow and higher". 
* Collects Health and Mana potions. 
* You can choose the quality of the upgrade stones your character will collect 
  by selecting "white and higher", "blue and higher", or "yellow and higher" 
* Collects extra items. 
* Your character doesn’t attack the monsters other players are fighting 
 (fair-play mode). 
* It uses the Resurrection Water and allows you to re-spawn and move on if 
  your character gets killed during Auto Bot mode. 
* It auto-fixes the items with reduced resistance. 
* You can select the color level of items your character will decompose in 
  Auto Bot mode. 
* Press K to open the skill panel and put the skills your character will 
  use in Auto Bot mode in the slots. 
* Determine how frequent your character will use the skills you have selected. 
* Saves the new settings. 
* It starts the Bot. You must stop the Bot when you want to make changes to 
  the settings. 

The Auto Bot system is available to all players on all the maps except for 
some special events and dungeons. If you want to use the Auto Bot system in
Demon Tower, you must get Dungeon Bot Package from the Market (P) in exhange 
for bound points.

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