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  Hints and Tips for: Pieces of my Heart 
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 Pieces of my Heart Cheats

Pieces of my Heart

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Full Walkthrough:
Written by SilentScholar

Since the puzzles are glitchy, and can take about 30 minutes to complete just one, I 
have compiled all of the correct responses for the text conversations, so that you 
can make your time worthwhile.

-=Preface / How to Play=-
This guide is solely for the conversations within the in-game app Titter. The full 
conversations, with all of the potential rewards, is only available on the Hard 
difficulty; I think you can only get one prompt per puzzle on Easy, and two each on 
Medium. Since the pieces of the actual jigsaw puzzle are randomly shuffled every time 
you start, there is no real concrete guide as to how to solve them.

-=First Puzzle=-
Prompt: She will talk about being a librarian
Answer: Tell her to prove that she is one
Reward: Her carrying a stack of books in a library

Prompt: She will then ask about what to do before a date
Answer: Simply tell her to work out, in order to calm her mind
Reward: Her jogging in a sports bra and leggings

Prompt: She will start talking about loving classic movies
Answer: Acknowledge her reference to Godfather with "Sollazzo"
Reward: Her VHS/DVD collection

-=Second Puzzle=-
Prompt: She will start wondering about showing some skin
Answer: Tease her about wanting to show some ankles
Reward: A nice, wholesome shot of her face and cleavage

Prompt: She will then turn to ideas on what to wear to the date
Answer: Tell her that she should dress to impress
Reward: She sneaks a pic of her pulling up a skirt to reveal a little bit of her 

Prompt: She will then ask a riddle about who/what loves books
Answer: Simply answer "Olivia?"
Reward: Her sprawled out on the bed naked, surrounded by books

-=First Puzzle=-
Prompt: She will open with some tarot cards
Answer: Humor her and choose the left pile
Reward: Her holding the cards that she drew in front of her face to read

Prompt: She will then talk about retro games
Answer: Ask if she is a gamer
Reward: She gives a peace sign, sitting behind a box with some old school consoles in it

Prompt: She will then make a vague riddle to tease you a bit
Answer: Ask her to give you a hint
Reward: Her holding up a pair of chicken breasts, in front of her apron-covered breasts

-=Second Puzzle=-
Prompt: She will then give you another riddle regarding something that opens doors
Answer: Ask if it's a buttplug
Reward: Her bent over, with a buttplug in, and underwear covering up the rest

Prompt: She will ask about your member, and why you haven't sent an unsolicited pic 
        of it yet
Answer: Tell her that you love the in-person reactions you get over its size
Reward: A nude, upper-body shot, showing off her admittedly small breasts

Prompt: She finally asks for your 'best' pick-up line
Answer: "Were those pants on sale? If they were at my house, they would be 100% off"
Reward: A nude shot of her holes, agape from the aforementioned buttplug

-=First Puzzle=-
Prompt: She will start talking about her love of ballet
Answer: Talk about how impressive the dancers are
Reward: She is in a leotard, in a warm-up pose

Prompt: She will then start talking about traveling around
Answer: Ask about her doing ballet professionally
Reward: Her giving two peace signs behind the curtain of a stage

Prompt: She tells you about how her and her friends are picking out dresses for her date.
Answer: Offer to help her, and check out how she looks in the dresses
Reward: Her making a hand heart, while wearing the green dress for the date

-=Second Puzzle=-
Prompt: She will talk about how this date is purely physical
Answer: Tell her that you only want her
Reward: Her fingering herself underneath her panties

Prompt: She will then boast about how her flexibility makes her popular among her 
        past lovers
Answer: Assure her that this will be a night to remember
Reward: Her lifting up a leg, while wearing a green dress and panties

Prompt: She will talk about having a gift to give you
Answer: Tell her you will treasure it
Reward: Her naked on a bed

-=First Puzzle=-
Prompt: She will lament about all of the jerks that she matches with through the app
Answer: Jokingly tell her about how you named your biceps
Reward: A zoomed-in shot of her mildly-shocked face

Prompt: She will wonder why you chose her on the app
Answer: Tell her that you want someone that can cook
Reward: A selfie next to one of the ovens at the restaurant she works at

Prompt: She will ask about your interest in books/reading
Answer: Mention your interest in crime books
Reward: She will show the books that she keeps in her purse, along with some of her 

-=Second Puzzle=-
Prompt: She will ask whether or not you like being called 'daddy'
Answer: Ask if she likes to be called 'mommy'
Reward: A steamy shot of her on a bed, with a tease of her breasts and crotch

Prompt: She will then talk about 'adult teasing' you throughout the date
Answer: Tell her that you will raise her on her bet
Reward: A fully nude bust shot

Prompt: She will admit that she has one last picture, but is unsure whether or not to 
        release it
Answer: Mock her resorting to this 'secret weapon'
Reward: Her sprawled out on the bed, again, but fully revealed

-=First Puzzle=-
Prompt: She will complain about all of the cheesy one-liners revolving around her name
Answer: Admit that she took away your opening line
Reward?: This is actually her profile pic, again

Prompt: She will then start talking about how dates don't have to be expensive or 
Answer: Tell that you are cool with a cheap date
Reward: Her in a bikini-style top, holding her skateboard behind her head

Prompt: She will admit that she lives a very low-budget lifestyle
Answer: Tell her that you wouldn't judge her
Reward: A zoom-in on her face, with a pier/boardwalk in the background

-=Second Puzzle=-
Prompt: She will start out by addressing the fact that the app is there for a reason
Answer: Tell her that you are cool with keeping things casual
Reward: Her lifting up her sweater top, revealing her bush

Prompt: She will then continue the explicit questioning, asking about your performance
Answer: Assure her of your impressive stamina
Reward: Her sitting on a park bench, with her legs up/pants partially down

Prompt: She will tell you that she took another photo, but is somewhat embarassed by it
Answer: Tell her that you will not laugh
Reward: A playful shot of her legs and breast, done in a 'modeling style'

-=First Puzzle=-
Prompt: She will come on strong and tell you that you will remember this night forever
Answer: Remind her that forever is a long time
Reward: An upward shot showing off her clothed breasts and face

Prompt: She will continue to talk about how many men are either weak or scared of her 
Answer: Suggest that she needs someone to challenge her
Reward: Her in a nightgown, lying on her bed with a book

Prompt: She then talks about being a powerful woman, and how stressful it is
Answer: Tell her to just come down to your level for the night, and enjoy herself
Reward: A bathroom selfie, wearing nothing but a towel

-=Second Puzzle=-
Prompt: She opens up about how she already started drinking, and wondered if you 
        can keep up
Answer: Assure her that drinking is as easy as breathing for you
Reward: A suggestive photo of her with the neck of a beer bottle in her mouth

Prompt: She then starts talking about wanting to do something sexual while on the 
        dance floor.
Answer: Tell her that you have done the nasty in front of strangers before
Reward: Her sitting on the floor, fingering herself under her panties

Prompt: She will ask whether or not you are proud of your body, should you be 
        stripped down
Answer: Tell her that you are proud of your member
Reward: Her lying on her bed, fully nude

-=First Puzzle=-
Prompt: She will ask if you matched with her solely based on who she is
Answer: Ask if she is famous, and that you just thought that she was cute
Reward: A promotional picture of her as a professional competitive gamer

Prompt: She will start talking about wanting to go to an arcade for the date
Answer: Tell her that you have played games in arcades before
Reward: Her wearing sunglasses and a t-shirt in an arcade, trying to be incognito

Prompt: She will then lament about all of the attention that she gets as a female 
        pro gamer
Answer: Ask her if the pros outweigh the cons
Reward: A selfie wearing a bra in her bedroom

-=Second Puzzle=-
Prompt: She will ask about what she should wear
Answer: Suggest for her to wear something tight-fitting to show off her curves
Reward: Her wearing the hoodie

Prompt: She will then start openly wondering about what she is willing to do 
        sexually during this date
Answer: Warn her that she is setting some high expectations regarding this date
Reward: Her showcasing her lower half, while fingering her backdoor

Prompt: She will tell you that she is about to take one more photo, but she doesn't 
        want it to be leaked
Answer: Tell her that you will keep this away from anyone who asks
Reward: Her lying back, showing off her nude form

-=First Puzzle=-
Prompt: She will ask if you would like to get to know more about her
Answer: Muse about how her 'antisocial' tendencies are commonplace
Reward: Her giving dual peace signs

Prompt: She starts talking about how she wanted to be more confident.
Answer: Make a joke about how office workers are 'dead inside'
Reward: Her smiling/laughing

Prompt: She will ask what you want if you could have anything.
Answer: "A fun night with a pretty girl"
Reward: Her crawling up the wall (By the way, she's a ghost)

-=Second Puzzle=-
Prompt: She starts talking about her being strong and experienced.
Answer: "Strong girl... So you do crossfit, huh?"
Reward: Her facing the camera, standing fully nude.

Prompt: She directly asks what you are into sexually.
Answer: Tell her you are up for anything.
Reward: Her bent over, showing off her feet.

Prompt: She asks what kind of picture she should take for you next.
Answer: Suggest something spooky, yet sexy.
Reward: Her popping through a painting, still nude.

-=First Puzzle=-
Prompt: She will admit that she has a fiance.
Answer: Tell her that you will not judge.0
Reward: She will show her engagement ring.

Prompt: She will talk about wanting to find her "knight in shining armor".
Answer: You don't have a white horse, but you will try.
Reward: Her sitting in front of her easel.

Prompt: She starts talking about a commission that needs her to show true passion.
Answer: Claim that your middle name is passion.
Reward: Her standing in a sports bra in her studio.

-=Second Puzzle=-
Prompt: She states that she hopes you will not make her regret her decision.
Answer: Talk dirty to her.
Reward: A topless shot, with her tweaking her tips.

Prompt: She will wonder if her fiance would let her paint you naked.
Answer: "Only if she was naked"
Reward: Her naked, with some paint on her bust.

Prompt: She will say that she has a photo that you might like.
Answer: "I'll be sure to share the results... "
Reward: Her lying down, naked.

-=First Puzzle=-
Prompt: She will ask if you are 70 year old catfishing her.
Answer: Tell her that you are as young as your profile states, and inquire 
        if there is a story behind her question
Reward: Her giving a peace sign outside of her university.

Prompt: She suggests going to a water park, and asks if you like swimming.
Answer: No to swimming, but you do like the water slide idea.
Reward: Her holding up a swimsuit at a store.

Prompt: She will lament about her heavy workload, and how she needs a distraction.
Answer: Tell her how her idea of them being in swimsuits at a water park should be 
        plenty distracting.
Reward: Her in a halter top, leading a lecture hall.

-=Second Puzzle=-
Prompt: She will ask if you will let her ride you.
Answer: "Oh things will heat up if you'll ride me..."
Reward: Her rubbing her panties with a toy.

Prompt: She will start talking about all of her toys, offering to show you.
Answer: "Sharing is caring".
Reward: Her nude, "backing up" into a "toy".

Prompt: She says that she has a gift for you.
Answer: Tell her that you are ready for more toy pics
Reward: Her posing nude underwater.

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