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 Pitfall - The Lost Expedition Cheats

Pitfall - The Lost Expedition

Fight the Mouth Of Inti Boss: 
Use the Fountain if required. Walk over to the edge of the cliffs. 

Fight Jonathan St. Claire:
Equip your slingshot and avoid the dynamite that is thrown at you when you run
out of cover from the pillars. Use your sling shot and keep hitting the four 
support beams on the front of that platform he is standing on. Hit each one 
about ten times to make them break. Use your slingshot on the parachute to get
Nicole down from the tree. 

Entering the Monkey Temple level:
On each of the opposite ends of the closed door, there is a picture of a monkey
inside a ring of fire. Light the bowls in front of the pictures to enter the 
Monkey Temple. 

Getting past the Plane Cockpit level:
Swing on the first vine then to the next one. When you are swinging on the second
vine, look ahead for an opening on top of the plane. Jump onto the top of the plane,
roll, and sweep kick the glass. Then, continue rolling in. After the scene, jump 
kick the cracked glass in front of you to continue to the Native Jungle.

Defeating the Demon Jaguar:
If he enters into a rage (running, leaping at you non-stop, giving you no chance),
keep on super running either left or right until he finally stops. When he does, 
kick him very quickly. Repeat this process to destroy him. This works about every
four or five times. If it does not work, start running behind him in circles when
he runs in circles. Try to cut him off and kick him.

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