Pixel Shinobi: Nine demons of Mamoru Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Pixel Shinobi: Nine demons of Mamoru 
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 Pixel Shinobi: Nine demons of Mamoru Cheats

Pixel Shinobi: Nine demons of Mamoru

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips & Tricks:
-=Healing Items=-
Healing potions stack (might wear off over time), so you can effectively have 
as many life bars as you want, but you heal over time. So you will need to get
to safty in order to allow health to refill (does not carry over at check points)
-=Change Map=-
If you are having trouble with the layout of a level, quit the game and re-
launch it. This will change the basic structure of the level.

There is always a little area behind where you spawn at the begining of a level. 
Sometimes there are chests in this area.

Usually 2 per level (sometimes 3). Once you trigger one, the other will reignite. 
You can use this to chain them back and forth to clear out later levels.

-=Throwing Stars=-
Use Sirukens to interrupt Enemy’s guard, then attack (helps a LOT with sward 
weilding enemies). Upgrading the Shiruken Skills will give you a chance to 
reuse them, and they will miss less often. Green tipped Shiruken apply poison 
for damage over time.

W/ Fuse: Timed Explosion (caft w/ wick)
No Fuse: Explode on Impact (craft w/ Impact Fuse)
Mine: Explode when Touched

Once unlocked, you can kill any enemy by touching them while holding Block 
(if unaware) this can be combined with Dash.

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