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  Hints and Tips for: Planet Coaster 
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 Planet Coaster Cheats

Planet Coaster

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

The full list of cheat codes.

Name a Go Kart track ‘Bollard’ to enable the ability to RIDE your go karts! 
Use WASD to control a go kart whilst using the ride camera

Name a guest ‘Andy Chappell’ to see them whizz around the go kart track at super speed!

Name a Security Gaurd ‘Lockettman’ to see guests bounce off them when giving chase

Name a staff member ‘David Getley’ to increase crime in the park

Name a guest ‘James Taylor’ to lower friction on all coasters and some track rides

Name a guest ‘Andy Fletcher’ to remove friction on all coasters and some track rides
Name a shop ‘McLinthe’ to make everyone in the park PUKE!

It’s Back! Name a guest ‘Tegidcam’ to enter a first person camera mode!

Name a staff member ‘Steve Wilkins’ to increase the rate that rides need repairing

Name a ride ‘Frontier’ to remove the chance of all rides breaking down

Free Coasters:
Enter underconstruction in the Search options to unlock 2 coasters 
in the game's early alpha.

How to Start a Challenge Park on Hard Difficulty:
Written by SomeRandomDumbass.

What I'm going to do in this guide is explain the strategy that I follow 
when I open a park in challenge mode on hard difficulty. 
There's no telling if this works on Harder, but it might, so feel free 
to try it out.

-=Starting Up
Just start up with any area you feel like. When the land loads, keep in 
mind that you only have $2,000 to start with, so coasters are basically 
out of the question for now. Depending on which land you chose, you may 
or may not have a path to start out with; if you don't, take care of that 
before moving on (Don't spend too much on it). In the flat rides menu, 
you should only have the Venetian Carousel ($1,200) and the Wild Blue 
($1,600). Most people would instinctively go for the Venetian Carousel 
because it's cheaper. I'm here to tell you that you shouldn't do that. 
Since the carousel has a very low excitement rating, it won't attract 
very many people, and you'll lose money very quickly. So, start with 
the Wild Blue; it has a much higher excitement rating, and it will 
attract more people. Build it close to the starting path and do all of
the necessary steps to allow access to opening the ride, like building 
the entrance and connecting it to the main path via a queue line. 
When it comes to building the queue line, build it so it's short enough 
for guests to want to wait in but long enough to the point where you 
can decorate it; trust me when I say that it's incredibly difficult to 
decorate an incredibly short queue path. Decorate the queue until the 
scenery rating gets up to about 30%, set the ticket price to $13, and 
then open the ride. Now, feel free to fast forward and wait until you 
get around $1,000.

-=Rides Breaking Down
Since you're playing on hard mode, rides will break down very often, 
which can seriously mess with your ability to make money. So, you have
 two choices; you can either just be normal and hire a mechanic to do 
the work, or you can be like me and use cheats. For those of you who 
do not know, Planet Coaster has built in cheat codes that do various 
things throughout the park, but the one I'm going to focus on is 
"Frontier." If you rename a ride "Frontier", it will stop ALL rides 
from breaking down, even in challenge mode. Trust me when I say that 
it'll save you a lot of money if you decide to go with it.

-=Food and Facilities
Now that you have $1,000 or more, you should really consider placing 
food shops down. Expand the main pathway to accommodate a Chief Beef 
Burger Shop and Cosmic Cow Milkshake Store (You can also build a 
building around these two shops; while it's not necessary, it'll
 come in handy later). Adjust the prices to be $1 more expensive, 
and open up both shops. Now, pause the game. Place trash bins down 
absolutely everywhere. Unpause the game now. Both shops should attract 
people immediately and these people will complain about needing the 
toilet, so place a toilet block. I don't strictly advise against 
charging to use the restroom, but if you're going to charge, keep it
$.10 or lower. Once you step above that threshold, people won't want
to pay for the restroom anymore. 
Also, because those trash bins are starting to fill up, hire a janitor.
Feel free to kick back and wait until you get your money back to around 

-=Second Ride
When you have your money to around $1,500, you can start thinking about 
placing down the second ride. This is where that Venetian Carousel comes 
into play. Build one, and go through the necessary steps. Since you have 
some more money, you have a bit more leeway to make the queue longer. 
If you decided to build a building around your shops, feel free to 
position your queue so it's right up against the building, as this will
 help with your queue scenery quite a bit. Now decorate the queue until
 it's up to around 40% if it's not there already. It won't make waves 
right away, but it will attract family groups, which will be willing 
to spend money to ride it.

-=Researching a Third
Now that both flat rides are down in the park, you'll have to research 
the third one. Go to the research menu and choose a flat ride to research.
When thinking about research costs, think about researching at the lowest
rate possible; an entire ride will only cost around $1,500 to research 
but it will take some time. Allocate the amount of money you want, and 
then close the menu. While you wait for this to research, feel free to 
place random bits of scenery around your park to boost the park rating.
When it finishes researching, save up the amount of money it costs to 
build, build it, and then do everything that I told you to do for the 

How to Increase Ride Profit:
Written by Will.

An easy trick to increase the profit of a ride by 10x or more. Useful 
for challenge parks.

-=How to Do It=-
This trick works best on rides that are limited by guest throughput, like 
this one. It's got a decent ticket price but makes very little money because
the ride takes like half a month to complete. The queue line is obviously 
full all this time and cash isn't comming in becuase guests won't queue up
for so long.

So what's the solution for this? easy! Once you realize that guests pay at 
the beginning of the queue path, not at the ride! That's right, the idiots 
pay to get in the queue, not in the ride, so as long as you can clear out 
the queue, the suckers will keep comming in non-stop, paying the ticket 
price each time they do so.

-=The trick is extremely easy:
* Close the ride.
* Open it up again immediately. 

This will instantly clear out everyone in the queue, they walk out the exit,
circle back around only to pay you again like idiots. Of course you would 
want to set up some ATMs for them to keep withdrawing money. 

Notice how my actual profit was 15x the maximum theoretical profit attainable 
if the ride was open continuously and operates flawlessly.

Moveable first person:
Typing tegidcam into the in-game search bar will allow you to move around 
your park as a guest using WASD.

How to Switch A Scenario Park to a Sandbox Park:
Writen by By JSCoaster

How to Switch a Scenario Park to a Sandbox Park
1.Find the scenario you would like to switch, and play the scenario. 
2.Save the park and exit to the main menu. 
3.Find the park in the section “My Parks” and select Edit Scenario. 
  Once you are in the park, edit the Spawn Points and Park Dimensions 
  if you want to. 
4.Save the Scenario and exit to main menu when you are done. 
5.Go to the section “My Scenarios”, and press “Play Scenario”. 
6.Save the park and exit to main menu. 
7.Go back to “My Parks”. Find the park and select “Open As”. 
  Then press “Sandbox”. 
8.Save the park and exit to main menu. 
Once you have completed all of these steps, you are now able to play the
park in Sandbox Mode!

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