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  Hints and Tips for: Planetes 
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 Planetes Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Console Commands:
Written by Sentennial

This guide will go over the various console commands you can use 
in offline games.

-=Using the Console=-
To open the console, press the ~ key on your keyboard (the key above 
the Tab key). The console supports autocomplete by pressing tab. Starting 
to type a command, it will suggest a matching command and you can press 
Tab to complete it. Type help in the console to view a list of commands.

-=Useful Commands=-
Here are a list of useful commands to use in offline play.

Help: Displays all the commands. 

Kill yourname: Kill yourself if you get lost in deep space. 

God: Take no damage. 

SuperJetPack number: Sets your jetpack force to given number. 
50 is a good setting. 

AdminMode: Lets you zoom out and pan around the game world. Exit by 
typing the command again, or by middle-mouse clicking which will teleport 
your avatar to your cursor. 

SaveServer filename: Save all the ships and your player to disk. 

LoadServer filename: Load all ships and your player from disk. 
(Might want to use DeleteAllShips first). 

GiveInfiniteResources: Give your player infinite building resources. 

SetServerWideInfiniteResources: Give everything in the game infinite 
resources, ships won't use fuel and you can build whatever you like. 
Note that a ship would still need one fuel tank of the appropriate 
type to work.

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