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  Hints and Tips for: PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds 
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 PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Cheats

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Winning SQUAD as a SOLO player:
* If you’re in a squad, you need enough loot for 3-4 people. This means 
  you are going to have to jump towards a high loot area or risk being 
  undergeared by the time you engage someone. As a solo player, you can 
  take advantage of this knowing that some of the smaller villages will 
  be relatively unpopulated at the beginning of the game.

* Which brings me to my second point — as the game goes on, people will
  die and the average size of each squad will be reduced. If you can 
  avoid fighting other players until there are 25-50 other players left 
  alive, you will greatly reduce the odds of a 1v4, although it’s still 
  a possibility. During a top 10 situation, it’s more likely you will 
  be fighting against teams of 1-2 players, but the possibility of a 
  squad making the top 10 intact does exist.

* It’s not always possible to avoid a fight. If you do have to fight, 
  there are a few strategies you can employ. First, if you have the 
  advantage of surprise, your initial attack could take out 1-2 members 
  of their team and even the odds for you. This isn’t always the case 
* When possible, try to find an area with a bottleneck. The stairwells 
  inside the 3 floor building in the military crater area are pretty 
  good for this — provided you know nobody is above you in the building, 
  you can 3rd person from around the corner and wait for the enemy to 
  try and push you. There are other buildings with choke points like 
  this too. The bottom line is – you are much safer with your back to 
  a wall, but watch out for grenades. Some buildings do have bars on 
  the windows to prevent this — try to use those rooms with the barred 
  windows if you are holed up in a house versus a squad.
* If you are caught out in the open, you may be screwed. If you have 
  solid cover, such as a rock, you do have a chance. Just 3rd person 
  the rock and wait for them to try to flank your 3 ‘o’ clock or 9 ‘o’ 
  clock and pick them off as they do so. Make sure to vary your shooting 
  position each time you pop out, i.e. first pop out to the left, then 
  pop out to the right.

* Finally, if you are fighting them in a city — one option is to shoot, 
  then fall back to a different cover. Your enemies will typically 
  approach you at different speeds due to their original distance. 
  When you run, fight, and run like that, you can effectively make it 
  a 1v1 fight several times instead of a 1v4.

-=Tips and Tricks=-
After clicking that lovely PLAY button in the menu, you get into the lobby, 
where you have pretty much nothing to do except testing the weapons that 
are available to use, on the tables near the ocean. Test the weapons, their 
different firing modes, try to aim for the head of the innocent and 
defenseless players around you!
2.In the plane
I suggest you to mute the voice chat in the plane, not to hear all these 
pigs being slaughtered, screaming to death. Once it is done, you can open 
your map by pressing “M” (very original, right?) and try to find a good 
location to drop on. The plane is going straight so you can predict where 
it is gonna fly over.
Once you’ve found a lovely place to drop on, QUICKLY PRESS “F“!
Okay, you’re falling now. I hope you haven’t forgotten to take your 
parachute?! Haha, just kidding. The parachute is automatically on your 
beautiful back once you get in the plane. To fall the faster as possible, 
you have to aim the lower as possible underneath you, and keep pressing 
“W“. Don’t stop till your parachute automatically opens. Once your 
parachute is open, press “W” and “D” to reach the maximum speed and land 
on the place you located before.
You managed to land on the ground and not on a roof or at the top of a 
tree? Great. Now you will try to find some stuff in the nearest house. 
Take everything useful you can find : weapons, ammunitions, helmet, 
armor, bandages, boosts, modifications and if you want to be stealthier;
clothes. (Helmets, armors and bags have 3 levels. Each superior one 
grants better protection/ more space in your inventory for the bag.)
HOWEVER, take care of the noises around you, because someone maybe had 
the same idea as you, and can be near you! If you spot someone, kill 
him with the weapons you found. Don’t try to be friendly with him… 
There can only be one at the end.
Fine. You managed to get some stuff by looting. Now you have to focus 
on one thing : SURVIVING. To achieve this, I suggest you to stay very 
quiet and hidden as much as you can. I don’t mean camping in a house the 
whole game. I mean using environment to stay invisible to other players. 
Trees, tall grass, hills and holes… Your clothes can help you with this, 
by providing you a camouflage.

However, take care to the Blue zone (you can see where it is on your map. 
“M“, remember?). This zone will hurt you as long as you are in it. So stay
in the White zone (again, you can see it on your map by press… Ok, I think 
you got it.). If you get hurt, you can use bandages or first-aid kits to 
heal yourself to 75% of your health maximum. Afterwards you’ll need a 
boost (energy drinks, painkillers or syringes.). To escape from the Blue 
zone, you can use a vehicle.
Be careful using vehicles, because they are very loud and will make you 
spotted by the other players around you when you drive. Try not to use them
when the end of the game is near (when the White zone becomes small enough).
Fine! You know all the basics. Good luck, soldier.

Figuring out the distance between the player and the enemy:
Written by Leviathan.

In order to figure out the distance between the player and enemy, you will 
need to make use of your map. I like to use buildings to figure out their 
exact location if need be. To find the distance, you will want to count the
number of white squares between yourself and the enemy. 
Each square is equal to 100m.

Setting zeroing distance and landing the kill:
Written by Leviathan.

After you've counted your squares, you will want to set your zeroing distance 
to that number. For example, 3 white squares away would be 300m so you would 
set the zeroing distance to 300m. After you've set the distance, you will want
to shoot just a tiny bit above their head as there will still be a little bit 
of bullet drop but a lot less than normal. It should not take long to get used 

Note: You will still need to aim infront of the enemy if he is moving as it 
only reduces the bullet drop.

Where to Land in PUBG:
Written by Wh1te_rabb1t

Where to land in PUBG, to increase your chances of survival!

* Georgopol
* Sosnovka Military Base
* Rozhok, School, houses
* Bunker
* Novorepnoye
* Prison
* Manison

How to Get Blue Blood:
Written by Lauliisti

How to get blue blood? Why should I get blue blood? 
This guide will answer those questions, and maybe some more!

-=How to Get It=-
* So, you have to right-click PUBG on your steam library.
* Then, press Properties > Set Launch Options.
* Then, a box will pop up. 
* Type -koreanrating
* Close the box and start up PUBG. 
* The blood will be blue now when you shoot someone!

-=Why to Get It=-
The blue blood is way easier to see from distance, from bushes and from grass, etc. 
than red blood. That's because it's more bright and pops out more than normal blood.

How to Play PUBG Mobile on PC:
Written by Tigra Bolt

Bluestacks will be used, It is an Android emulator so you can play many other 
android games.

-=Step #1=-
Download Bluestacks this an Android emulator so you can play many other android games. 
Don't worry it's safe to use. Set up Bluestacks like your email etc. You can also play 
PUBG Mobile with any other iOS or Android device, like adding friends. 
Then Search and Download PUBG Mobile in the Bluestacks Application.

Also to help it run better do this to your system specs top right with little down arrow.

-=Step #2=-
Open PUBG Mobile, it might take a little and look like it's frozen, just wait. 
Now you set up the controles (absolute cancer) when you open it at thge bottom right 
corner a little notifaction for keyboard controls pops up. 
Make sure the keyboard button is blue.

To aim with mouse put a crosshair in the middle of your screen, I recommend actually 
being in game so you can see your in game crosshair.

and put that scope button where the fire button is. So you can aim and fire with mouse 
(Both at the top of screen in case you didnt notice, you drag them).

I personally put my controls like that. Right clicking lets you drag the mouse on the 
screen without aiming, to heal, loot, press a certain button manually. Right click 
again to go back to aiming with mouse. No Right click for ADS so I just use E. 
For vehicles use this trust me its so much easier to drive with.

-=Why Do This?=-
It's so easy for reasons such as hardware advantage especially aiming with mouse compared 
to thumbs literally my first game I got this.

5 with DP and rest with SKS lmao, though it was probably nothing to be proud of because 
playing this on pc is like bringing a gun to a knife fight.

So there are some issues, like a lot when you aim to much to a side you suddenly stop 
aiming. I think this has something to do with your mouse/thumb reaching the end of the
hypothetical tablet screen. Simply just press right click two times. I recommend pressing
right click a lot so your doesn't go still when there's an enemy. If right click doesn't 
work, try shooting your weapon. also if it feels like sometimes there a lot of Input Lag, 
try going to Bluestacks keyboard controls and getting rid of your crosshair at the 
middle and replace it. Works for me.

Notes: This runs well on my PC, some will have a lot of stutter or fps drops, 
this doesn't happen to me but happened to my friend so idk.

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