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  Hints and Tips for: Pogostuck: Rage With Your Friends 
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 Pogostuck: Rage With Your Friends Cheats

Pogostuck: Rage With Your Friends

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Goldfinger Guide:
Written by high difficulty

-=Step #1: Change into Goldensuit=-
When you are going for goldfinger, you want to have your character covered in all 
gold cosmetics. You get these cosmetics for reaching level 60. You want your 
character to have the crown on, the gold skin, the gold pogo-stick, and the coins 
boost. When you have all of these cosmetics on the same time, your character will 
be capable of turning objects into gold.

Do keep in mind, that when you go for this achievement, it will reset should you 
turn off this game, therefore, i would not recommend going for this chievo until 
you have fully finished this game at least once, as you will be required essentially 
to beat the game with one sitting.

-=Step #2: Get Obvious Things=-
You will need to get every single item that you can touch in the game to turn into 
gold in order to get the chievo. Merely touching objects with your pogosticks end 
will turn objects into gold. There are 70 objects to turn into gold, which starts 
tracking once you get 60 golden objects. You will want to get every single object 
that you can touch, some noteworthy parts.

If the object cannot be touched by the player, it can not be turned into gold, 
there is a banana in the banana section that can not be gotten, it can be ignored.
The bone-pile at the bottom of the fly pit does not turn into gold, you can ignore 
There is still a bone at the bottom of the fly pit, do get that.
Don't forget to get the first grape and vine, they don't copy for the rest of the grapes.
There should be 3 vines, the aforementioned vine, and the two safety vines, do not forget.
Bottom of grapes is a good place to get the snake, you cannot get the snake at his head. 
I believe you can also get snake at right side of grapes, and right side of the last 
two mushrooms in game.
all mushrooms count as separate things to make gold, this includes the three mushrooms 
at trees as well as all the mushrooms further on. Do not skip any of them.
When getting past the pineapples (before palm trees), go to the area right of the 
pineapples and you will see this weird fruit on the ground, you may need to get that, 
although i think it combos with the fruit above it, so that if you get any of them, 
you get all of them. Doesn't hurt to be careful though.
When you get to mushrooms, remember, the two at the start, the 6 on the bottom part, 
the 7 at the top part and the two at the end (that leads to the hanging part). This 
isn't hard to miss, but it can be difficult to do.
I think you can get this later, but its best to do it on the area to the right of the 
last mushrooms (under the hanging rocks). There is a wall here, as well as the snakes 
When you go up the lava, dont forget to get the hanging block, you can prob get this 
later though.
Before you take the leap of faith, you should have 64/70 next to your character, 
don't forget to do the important hidden one before this (step three).
When you make the leap of faith, don't forget to get the teeth, as well as the 
three eggs and the nest, as well as the stubborn egg. You should get the achievement 
when you do this.

-=Step #3: The 'Hidden' Thing=-
In one of the developer updates, the developer mentions a hidden item located within 
the last third of the game, i believe i know what it is. The banana in the ice section 
can actually be touched, although it cannot be touched within the ice section, as ice 
is blocking it. To beat this section, you will need to make it to the section where 
you must jump on the walls to lower yourself into a cavern (the part before the leap 
of faith. You must intentionally fall, and when you hit the ground, aim for the 
section above the wall to the left of the anvil. There should be a reasonably large 
section to land in and from here you can touch the banana.

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