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  Hints and Tips for: Pokemon TPPC 
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 Pokemon TPPC Cheats

Pokemon TPPC

How to train your pokemons easily:
First of all you need 6 pokemons and put the pokemon you want to train 1st. Go to set moves
and change all the of the pokemons move to haze cause it doesn't do anything and set your 
first pokemon with explosion and all the rest haze then go to trainer battle and verse 
yourself and use explosion cause it says that it is flamethrower and it is very powerful so
if your opponent doesn't use explosion first then it is a garanteed win Just remember to 
keep your pokemon that is weak than your first one or weak enough to deafet the pokemon 
in maximum of 3 hits cause after that it uses flamethrower.

Easy Training:
Enter this Id number: 1113217 in the "Trainer Battle" section.

150 pokemon:
To get a lvl. 150 pokemon, after you won at least 1 faction point, go to where
it sais team stats. get the promo pokemon. It will be a lvl. 150! if you don't
like it, secret swap it.

How to get easy exp:
Start with a squirtil battel brandonrobertscott use surf on his lv4 charmanda
and boom ko squirtil will go up alv every time.

Just tipe in your password the pasword you want. 

Password    Effect
powerup1  - all your pokemons are level 100
powerup2  - you have all shiny pokemons you choose
powerup3  - you have dark all pokemons you choose
powerup4  - you have all pokemons you want
powerup5  - unlimited cash

Team stats:
Train your pokemon.put doublekick on all pokemon. Put chansey. Chansey training 
gym, click on this.keep on get 300 team points and you will keep on
getting alot of team points.

Get More Team Factions:
If You Are A Beginner
Modify Your Profile

-You Coose Tppc
-Battle The 
-Team Aqua
-Team Rocket
-Team Magma
-Just Battle The Weak Pokemons With Fix Roster Then Go To Team Stats
-Then Get A Team Boost Then Battle The Other Team 
-Team Aqua
-Team Rocket
-Team Magma
-Then You Will Get 300 Team Points
-If You Battle The Higher LvL
-Like Your LvL 5 Attach With Team Boost Battle LvL 6
-Then You Will Get 750 Team Points

LvL Up Faster And Money Too:
go to trainer battle and battle 482301 for example choose starter as squirtle
set moves toxic and hyperbeam steps:
-use 1st move toxic 
-second move hyperbeam 2 times 
-choose the next pokemon it will die 
-then again choose hyperbeam 3times
-follow the same steps till 4 of your pokes die then choose your starter again
-you will gain 487000 exp and 97000 money and pokemon will be lvl 78

1,000,000 Poke Dollars Per Time:
- Type In On Trainer Battle 01
- Then When U Enter The Fight Go To Tppc Friends
- Then Go Back To Trainer battle, Put In The Code, x4567x
- Then Go To Trainer Statistics, It Will Give You 1,000,000 Poke Dolllars
- May Take Several Trys To Work

Blissey      - 101 = 656 hp --- DoubleKick 4 hits Crit - 24dmg
ShinyBlissey - 101 = 666 hp --- DoubleKick 4 hits Crit - 24dmg
DarkBlissey  - 101 = 686 hp --- DoubleKick 4 hits Crit - 24dmg

Darks have more hp then shinys!
Shinys have more hp then normals!
So next time you use secret swap use dark because there better!

1.put poke 1st on your roster
2.moves it MUST know.toxic,doublekcick,fly
3.go to trainer battle and type in'403525'
4.use toxic
5.use doublekcick
6.use fly(to evade flamethrower)
7.keep using steps 4(always the first move) 5 and 6 until all the blissys faint.

Submitted by: srijith

Cheat for Getting shiny pokemon 
atleast one pokemon should be above level:100 
Change username As: ultimatepokemon1(no capital letters)
Change password as: iamsoshiny(no capital letters)

Lot of exp:
1.put poke 1st on your roster
2.moves it MUST know.toxic,doublekcick,dig
3.go to trainer battle and type in'403525'
4.use toxic
5.use doublekcick
6.use dig to evade flamethrower)
7.keep using steps 4(always the first move) 5 and 6 until all the blissys faint.
then u will get a lot of exp just follow the steps.

Submitted by: Typical guy

Go to set moves and change at least 2 pokemons to: double kick, toxic, and dig. 
Go to trainer battle and type in 482301. First use toxic, (Always attak 2 times 
and then use dig) then use double kick, and finally dig. After the Shiny Blissey 
uses the automatic flamethrower, use double kick when the the yellow letters appear, 
then use dig. Repeat again but dont use toxic anymore until next Blissey come out.

Get easy reputation points:
First get the Team boost. Give it to your strongest Pokemon. battle a weako from a
different team. you get 300 each pokemon beaten. keep doing this. you get alot of 
reputation points and exp. Eventually you get bonus points from your faction.

Beat baby tower:
If uve ever wondered howto beat baby tower and uve looked it up and it said use 
doublekick? Well thats wat u do but theres another thing change all your six starter
pokemon to lvl 5s change 1 of there moves each to doublekick then go to baby tower
keep using double kick and ull win. The prize is a random lvl 125 baby pokemon!

Gain a lot of exp. points:
First of all if you want to gain high exp. points for your starter, go on 'Set Moves' 
and set the moves 'Toxic' and 'Dig' for your starter. Then click the link 'Trainer 
Battle'. Type in the box that comes up, 'Back to black' and when the results come up
click the first one that says 'Back to black'. When the battle starts DarkBlissey 
will be the Pokemon you will have to battle. First use 'Toxic' on DarkBlissey twice
and then 'Dig'. Continously do this until DarkBlissey is KOed. Do this technique to
the DarkBlisseys that come up after you defeat the first one.

Easy beat for baby tower:
All u need to do is go to any place (except mewtwos lair)and keep catching pokemon.
once u have 6 lvl 5-6 pokemon goto set moves.make 1 half of ur team have the moves:

bite        (type:dark)
giga drain  (type:grass)
phsycic     (type:phsy)
double kick (type:fite)

and for the other  half have the same moves except replace phsicic with flamethrower.
make one of ur pokemon with flamethrower ur starter. then goto battle twer then click
baby tower. The pokemon u face will always be the same. u dont hav to use my moves - 
u can use ur own but i recommend mine.

here the types:

Budew      - grass and poison use anything but giga drain
Chingling  - phsy   use bite  
Bonsly     - rock   use giga drain
Mime Jr.   - phsy   use bite
Happiny    - normal use double kick  
Munchlax   - normal use double kick
Riolu      - fite use phsycic
Mantyke    - water use giga drain

How to get alot of team points:
First get the Team boost. Give it to your strongest Pokemon. battle a weako from a
different team. you get 300 each pokemon beaten. keep doing this. you get alot of
reputation points and exp. Eventually you get bonus points from your faction.

How to boost your pokemon:
Level up your Pokémon to level 78 and gain $97000.

1. Choose any Pokémon as your starter.
2. Set moves as follows-
I. Toxic
II. Hyperbeam
III. Doesn’t matter
IV. Doesn’t matter
3. Go to Trainer battle and battle the trainer-Rune Ristars Gym (482301)
4. Attack with Toxic first.
5. Then attack with Hyperbeam 2 times.
6. Choose your next Pokémon and it will faint.
7. Make your next 4 Pokémon faint. 
8. When your next 4 Pokémon faint, by that time, Blissey will have been fainted by  
   the poison you gave it by toxic at the beginning and you gain $97000 and your 
   starter levels up to 78.

If you want to keep in touch with Rune Ristars Gym (482301), make him you friend by 
going to TPPC Friends and search for his name there. Make him your friend.

Actually why you get this much money and Exp points is that when normally you defeat
a Pokémon of a trainer, the Pokémon with which you made the opponent’s Pokémon faint
get Exp points and you get some money. The number of Experience points and $ you get
depends on the level of the opponent’s Pokémon. Now Rune Ristars Gym’s Blissey’s level
is 2500 and that’s why you gain so much Exp Points and $.Now can you understand the 
concept? If you repeat the steps above, your Pokémon will level up to Level 99.

How to get good pokemon:
The best way to get rare pokemon like dark shiny and normal go to the pokemon swap 
make sure u have a lot of money the best way to get money is to battle this trainer
rune ristars gym and use the moves toxic then use doublekick then use dig then just
doublekick and after that use dig when the pokemon dies toxic doublekick and then dig
on till all of the pokemon dies and u get a lot of money and a lot of exp to then get
shiny shorlax level 150 and get like 5 of them and then go to the secret swap thats how
i got a lot of good pokemon and they are lv 150 just like your pokemon u swap if u 
swap a lv 5 u get a lv5 so happy swaping.

How to get the 3 regi's, Shiny's and Dark pokemons:
For this 1, if it works for you, you have to put a thumbs up. First, get an Armaldo 
and a Cradily, (From evolution of Anorith and Cradily I got 5 anorith and a Cradily 
if you want to borrow it go ahead my trainer number is 2961008) then, put your roster
as this.


and then, if you got all of those pokemon in the roster, go to Hidden Cove and find 
Regirock and Relicanth (First Regi got) and then put your ROSTER like this


And then, go to Ice rift to find Regice. (Second Regi caught). And then, line up 
your roster as this. 

Unkown R
Unkown E
Unkown G
Unkown I

Then, go to Magic Mountains to find Shiny Treecko, Dark Treecko, Shiny Mudkip, Dark 
Mudkip, Shiny Torchic, Dark Torchic and, Registeel.

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