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  Hints and Tips for: Pokemon Vortex 
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 Pokemon Vortex Cheats

Pokemon Vortex

Web Browser Game Hints: Legendaries:
Submitted by: HIDDEN

To get Legendary POKEMON(S) you will need to do the following:

1. Get six(6) good Pokemon.
3. Make all (6) Pokemons level 70+.
4. Beat all gym leaders and get all badges.
5. Beat all elite fours.
6. Go to any map and walk around  the legendaries will appeal randomly in any map.


Training Accounts (cheat/hint):
Submitted by: HIDDEN

Go to battle and choose Battle any member (Computer Controlled). 
The following user names are training accounts:

ZedjaWater   - For water type Pokemon,
ZedjaGrass   - For grass type Pokemon,
Training     - For any sort of Pokemon 
               (Need a time if you want to train Grass type).
zedjapsychic - Psychic type.
zedjaghost   - Ghost type.

20 Hyperpotions All Over Again:
Buy 20 hyperpotions, and Battle someone if they are a hard trainer and you lose 
alot of health use a hyperpotion it also works if you win the battle and log out
and log back in and you get 20 hyperpotions again without buying some at the 
pokemart. Its really simple and easy just follow those steps and you will have 
lots of hyperpotions.

To find legendary pokemon:
Update by: r3xard

Code      Effect
lugi    - to catch legendary pokemon
shine   - to catch shiny pokemon
war     - to become 1 rank in pokemon vortex
lugia   - to catchlugia
slugia  - to catch shiny lugia
alugia  - to catch acitent lugia
dark    - to find dark type pokemonn
mysetic - to catch mysetic pokemon

Training accounts:
Submitted by: sibigoku

here are the training accounts i worked hard with them :]

1.TrainingGrassWater-Grass, Water, Steel.
3.TrainingFireFlying-Fire, Flying, Poison.
8.TrainingIce-Ice, Dragon.
9.TrainingDark-Dark, Ghost.

just copy and paste

this one is not open yet someone please help me out for it
just message me to sibigoku at the game.
i am a hard trainer fight me if you can:

Training names:
Submitted by: matthew

I'd like to improve on the other training lists so here are some training names

- zedjagrass (for grass and electric training)
- zedjafirereal (for fire,ice, and flying training)
- zedjawater (for water and earth training)
- zedjapsychic (for psychic and ground training)
- zedjasteel (for steel and fighting training)
- Training (for ice,fire, and rock)

Gym/Elite Four Hints:
Submitted by: Kok Rui

Always have 1 fire, 1 ice, 1 water, 1 electric, 1 psychic/steel, 1 dark Pokemon to get 
through all of the Gyms/Elite four. Use the training accounts to train them fully.

Before battling, choose your pokemon wisely. Use the weakness of the opponent 
(Water better than fire etc)

Preferred Pokemon:
Raichu, Bronzong, Ampibom, Castform (Fire), Castform(Water), Castform(Ice)

After that you can get your legendaries.
Search in the grass maps for more chances of getting legendaries, search in the electric 
and ghost maps for EXTREMELY rare legendary pokemon. (Preferred Grass Maps)

Pokemon vortex cheats:
Basically what you have to do is go to battle any member (computer controlled) and
what you do is you type in training and there will be a six pokemon that are lvl 100
and they only know how to do splash as an attack and that doesn't affect any pokemon
plus if your pokemon is only a low level then beating a level 100 pokemon will get 
you a LOT of experience and only use one pokemon to defeat the whole team and you 
will see that your pokemon go from level something like level 6 to level 20!

Master Ball Glitch:
* Download a browser like Opera or Google Chrome.
* Login pokemon vortex.
* Waste all your master balls , you must have only one ultra ball.
* Go to a wild battle.
* Right click on the ultra ball option and click on the inspect element option.
* An inspect element window will open.
* There will be a highlighted line, in it there will be written ultra ball.
* Change it from ultra ball to master ball.
* Close the inspect element window.
* Use the ultra ball.
* It will say you used a masterball and the pokemon will be caught.
* If it is not caught kill the pokemon.
* Go to pokemart and you will have 65535 master balls.

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