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 Police Quest - Swat 2 Cheats

Police Quest - Swat 2

Line of Sight Cheat: 
Type in "los" (you may have to do it a few times) when you're
in a mission to toggle off the Line of Sight. All characters 
will be visible, even if they're not in any of your units' 
line of sight. The problem is if you type it too slow, then your 
terrorist guy surrenders. It also doesn't let you perform any 
actions when the Line of Sight is off, so you have to type "los"
again if you want to perform a action other than shooting. This 
is especially fun to do when you're playing as the terrorists. 
Even if all your guys are holed up in one area, you can watch 
SWAT make entry and clear the rooms.

All Mission Cheat:
To get all the missions, paste the following list into the "swat2.ini"
file in the swat2 root directory. 
All missions can then be accessed through quick play.

[Missions Played]

Infinite Items for Sale:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

In the Recruitment screen, select a unassigned terrorist/officer and go 
to "Equip". Now, select the same terrorist/officer from the menu, select
his small firearm and push "Remove Item". Before you do anything else push
UP or DOWN on the directional keys and another small firearm should appear.
Remove it as well and another should appear. This is a way to sell infinite
weapons and gain infinite money.

Extra money:
Sell the hand guns of the personnel that are not being used in the mission.
Since a hand gun costs $600.00, close to $30,000 can be obtained for future
mission or other purchases.

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