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  Hints and Tips for: Pools of Darkness 
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 Pools of Darkness Cheats

Pools of Darkness

Instant victory:
Press [Alt] + X as your opponents attack. Your party will still
gain the experience points and treasure from the battles.

Duplicate items:
Remove a character, then add them back to the party. Remove them a 
second time without leaving the training hall. The game will ask if
you want to overwrite the previous player. If you answer "No", rename 
the character as desired. However, you also in turn duplicate all the
items that a character had. For example, give all the best items to 
character A. Remove him or her. Add them back, then remove again. 
Rename him or her to character B. Add character B to get all the items
and give them to another character. Drop character B to delete him or 
her from character list. Add character A, then remove him or her. 
Rename him or her to character C and trade items. Note: The sixth 
level Mage spell Disintegrate will "fuse" magic items with effects 
to the character. You will lose all items when you die, but if you 
duplicate a character with all the best items, you can just duplicate
it back on him or her. For example, give everyone a vorpal weapon then
hit them with the spell to punch and still vorpal. 
Duplicating a character with all rings, Giant Slaying sword, Vorpal, 
etc. will make them natural abilities, opening up slots in your 
inventory, and the ability to equip a +5 Silver Longsword that in 
turn would Slay Giants and is vorpal.

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