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 Poppit! Cheats


Submitted by: RM

The Poppit! Pop Fu Tip:
This is a top tip. Pop Fu is a Pogo Game in its own right, and very 
worthwhile it is too. However, it is also true to say that a major 
part of it is based on a very small version of Poppit! and that it 
sets you small, manageable Poppit! puzzles to complete where the 
usual goal is to end up leaving no balloons. How does this help you 
play Poppit!? Because once you've followed the other hints and tips 
here to get down to those last few balloons, you'll find that Pop Fu 
is the ideal training tool that will teach you the best way to clear 
of the last 20 or so. Try it and you will soon see exactly what we 

Choose your own ground:
What does this mean? Well, if you don't like the look of the starting 
screen, for example there is no single colour that has obviously fewer 
ballons, or the colour that has has a particularly difficult spread, 
simply hit NEW GAME and look for a more favourable 'battlefield'. It 
costs you nothing to do this, and until you are more profficient 
why not give yourself every chance?

The Undo Option:
Once you're getting close to the end and feel things have taken a turn 
for the worse, use the UNDO Button!. That's right! Simply take the 
position back to where you were last happy with it, there is no penalty
for doing this, you can take as many goes as you like to get it right 
once you've worked your way into a good position.

Easier field:
If the starting field has no single color that has obviously fewer 
balloons, or the color that has a difficult configuration, select the
"New Game" option until a more favorable layout appears. 

Undo moves:
The "Undo" option sets the game back to your previous position without
penalty. It can be repeated as many time as desired.

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