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  Hints and Tips for: Praey for the Gods 
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 Praey for the Gods Cheats

Praey for the Gods

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David  K.

How to Beat The Tower:
SIGILS: All located around the middle of the Tower’s visible body

GRAPPLE POINTS: Several around the middle of its body, can be used to reduce 
climbing time from the various points of the Tower’s body that are safe to stand 
on when it is immobile.

Once you enter its arena, “The Tower” will dramatically surface from the lake, be 
ready to run as soon as control is given back to you, as whilst it is immobile, it 
will frequently fire off energy blasts at you. These blasts are highly damaging 
and move very quickly, but dont track once they have been fired, so you should be 
able to avoid them if sprinting/dodging directly away once it is fired. You can 
see when you are being targeted when the light shining from the Tower’s mouth is 
shining on you.

Sometimes the Tower will also spin its head around in a circle, spewing out a 
putrid-looking black fog, which also spawns many small blue orbs that travel 
towards your position. They will damage you on contact, so try to keep away from 
them. There is only really one way to get up onto the Tower and defeat it. You 
have to run around the circular arena and step on three pressure plates to raise 
several orbs from the ground. Keep still on the pressure plate and the Tower will 
fire at you, directly hitting and lighting up the orb that you just raised. Do 
this for all three orbs around the arena, and you will be able to activate the 
large pressure plate at the back of the arena, with will briefly stun the Tower, 
causing it to fall down with its mouth in the water.

Use your Sail Cloth to try and glide over as much of the freezing cold water as 
you can, then swim over to the Tower. You can climb up onto it here, and as you 
do it will raise back up into the air, allowing you to climb down and reach its 
three sigils. They are moslty around the middle area of The Tower and are not 
hard to find, if you have trouble, jump down onto the protruding spike-platforms 
(which you can stand on, allowing you to restore your stamina), you can usually 
see the sigils from these platforms. The Tower will shake periodically as you 
climb it, and will shake every time you attack a sigil. It can still perform 
its black fog attack whilst you are climbing on it, and the blue orbs will 
float down towards you and stick to its fur, which can be a hazard whilst 
climbing. If one is coming towards you, either drop down to a lower platform 
or leap forwards away from it to avoid taking the damage. 

Once you have attacked all three sigils three times each, the Tower will be 
defeated and a cutscene will play, after which you will be taken back to the 

#1 Hard to miss, the first Map Point can be found on the icy wall above the first 
   Grapple Point that you grapple to using your Grappling Hook.

#2 The second Map Point can be found on the wall just outside the Temple. 
   Once you collect the Sail Cloth, it will be at the base of the stairs in 
   front of you, to the left side.

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