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  Hints and Tips for: Primal Carnage: Extinction 
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 Primal Carnage: Extinction Cheats

Primal Carnage: Extinction

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

How to Play as Predator:
Written by Missi

This guide was made for those who need to know the skills of how to play as 
the Predator. Enjoy!

-=Introduction to the Predator Class=-
What is the Predator class?

The Predator class contains 2 different dinosaurs; novaraptor and oviraptor. 
These are very popular classes. Predators have 3 different attacks: claw, pounce, 
and "slash". Slash is when you roar, and though your stamina goes down, you can 
claw quicker.

Pouncing is the hardest attack for the Predator class.

Pouncing seems quite easy, but it is not. When pouncing, you must remember some 
important rules.

Make sure when you pounce, it is not infront of the humans another teammates. If you 
get hurt by another teammate when pouncing, you stop pouncing and it strikes off your 

Try to pounce when you have near max stamina or maximum stamina. When you pounce, it 
strikes off your stamina bit by bit. To kill a human, it needs 7 loops.

Try to slash and then pounce with the unexpecting human. If you hide and pounce, then 
that is fine. But if your infront of human teammates, try to slash and then pounce to 
finish the human off. This is important to remember aswell.

Clawing. The most vital attack that raptors can do.

For this one, it doesn't take many rules. But the main one is this: make sure you 
don't claw a human over and over without moving around.

When clawing, you have to move in loops around the human(s) and make them confused. 
Usually, it takes off a lot of human health. This is important to loop, because it 
can make another confused and dizzy.

This is a very rare attack to see.

If you roar, then it will take off your stamina BUT, you can do faster clawing attacks. 
It is nicknamed as "slashing" or "slash".

This is an important part, but be careful. When there is commando's around, they can 
easily bomb you since you have NO stamina to run away, jump, etc. 

Keep an eye out for snipers aswell (a human class), since they can easily snipe you 
when you are trying to slash them/another human.

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