Prince of Persia 2 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Prince of Persia 2 
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 Prince of Persia 2 Cheats

Prince of Persia 2

Cheat Codes:
Start the game with the "prince yippeeyahoo" or "prince makinit2" command lines to enable 
cheats. Then, enter one of the following codes during game play.

Code       Result
+         - add time
-         - sub time
K         - kill all enemy on screen
R         - return from dead
F1        - show position (press again to disable)
F3        - player on/off
F6        - ruler
SHIFT-T   - add energy
SHIFT-K   - sub energy
SHIFT-R   - show room number and jump right
SHIFT-W   - show room number and jump left 
SHIFT-I   - turn screen upside down, press again to restore
SHIFT-B   - show prince only, press again to restore
ALT-N     - skip to next level
ALT-D     - create DUMP?.TXT

Shilp, Submitted the following Information:

When you start the game and the Princejumps out of the windowand he lands press 
shift-k or k then you will see scuicide.

Submitted by: Jozo Kingdom

Take your sword on hand and then put it back. Now you have passed the next level!

Submitted by: Abijith

When Prince jumps down at the starting press A,S and L together. Then you will 
be skipped to the next level!!Using this u can go upto level 4.

Submitted by: Enio

This is a much easier tip for killing dahaka. dont sllow down the time but use 
the ability of the prince to slow down the time and hit faster. i no that it does
very little damage on enemies but i was suprised to take off more than half of 
dahakas life with 1 use of it.

Very Easy Pass the Skeleton bridge:
Submitted by: jkbulan

Start running and then hold the up key when you are near the forth block of the bridge. 
Hold the 2 keys simultaneously (the prince will run and jump and jump and jump and so on).
Result: the prince will jump over the skel and get away through the open door and the door
will slam shut behind him.
Note: DO NOT stop in the middle of this procedure or the door will close before you reach.
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