Priston Tale Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Priston Tale 
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 Priston Tale Cheats

Priston Tale

Easy Mystic Crystals:
There is an easy way to get Mystic Crystals, even when your first start a
character. In the first Tempskron map with all of the Hopies, there is a 
monster called Arma. They look like little armadillos. They will drop Mystic
Crystals. It is possible to get up to twenty crystals in slightly over an 

Stronger power:
At the Land Of Dusk near the sell woman are some normal monsters. Every two
to five minutes, there is a Goblin with a yellow hammer in is hand called 
"Hammer Goblin". Do not kill him -- if he hits you ten times your head will
become bigger, and you will become stronger for ten minutes.

Easy money:
You have to find a wanted morif if you kill it it drops meltoms those things 
you can sell from 800 to 3600 credts he also drops (somtimes) money from 2000
to 3500.

You can find many Mystic Crystals in G1 when you kill Armaīs.

Level up:
* Press enter and cheat is giveme power This cheat is level up.
* Press enter and type in giveme power.
* If you start the game press then ctrl+enter and enter levelup.
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