Pro Evolution Soccer 6 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Pro Evolution Soccer 6 
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 Pro Evolution Soccer 6 Cheats

Pro Evolution Soccer 6

Update by: iioonnyy
Submitted by: Haspa

Real team equivalents:
West Midlands Village  : Aston Villa
Lancashire             : Blackburn Rovers
Middlebrook            : Bolton Wanderers
South East London Reds : Charlton Athletic
London FC              : Chelsea
Merseyside Blue        : Everton
West London White      : Fulham
Merseyside Red         : Liverpool
Man Blue               : Manchester City
Teeside                : Middlesbrough
Tyneside               : Newcastle United
Pompy                  : Portsmouth
Berkshire Blues        : Reading
South Yorkshire        : Sheffield United
North East London      : Tottenham Hotspur
Hertfordshire          : Watford
East London            : West Ham United
Lanchashire Athletic   : Wigan Athletic 

Real stadium equivalents:
Red Cauldron      : Anfield
Magpie Park       : St James' Park
Lutecia Park      : Park Des Princes
Massillia Stadium : Stade Velodrome
Borussia Stadion  : Westfalenstadion
Hauptstadion      : Berlin Olympic Stadium
Orange Arena      : Amsterdam ArenA
Rotterdam Stadion : De Kuip
Catalonia Stadium : Nou Camp
Estadio Palo      : Mestalla
Stockholm Arena   : Rasunda

Classic teams:
Win the Puma Cup championship with the indicated team to unlock 
the classic team. 

Argentina : Classic Argentina
Brazil    : Classic Brazil
England   : Classic England
France    : Classic France
Germany   : Classic Germany
Italy     : Classic Italy 

Netherlands unlocks the Classic Netherlands 

Keyboard configuration:
If you are having problems with the button configuration of the keyboard, 
go to the game's main directory, then run the "settings.exe" file. You 
will now be able to set the keys as desired.

Submitted by: Prateek Shakya

First of all u should gain 5000 PES,
then yu should purchase custom from PES SHOP! 
Then you may choose same coustume in strip selection then see yur team in action 
with purchased custume!!!!

While playing the game,when a player is front of you at a distance of 1-2 inch,
press A,D & X button to reyine the trick of Crissing.Specially applied to 

To win all the matches:
Submitted by: prateek

To win most of the matches go to the the player wditing menu then select the player
you wish then increase his skills,heightand everything then just enjoy your game.

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