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  Hints and Tips for: Project Rhombus 
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 Project Rhombus Cheats

Project Rhombus

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Gameplay Tips & Tricks:
Written by Je Suis Baguette

Just some tips that helped me in game. 

-=Warmup before trying to set records=-
If you're still trying to reach 60 seconds on hard mode to unlock expert, 
or you're just going for a record time, you may find it useful to warmup 
your fingers before trying to set a record. I find that running warm water 
over my hands for about a half minute will allow my fingers to move faster, 
and be more accurate. A more productive way of warming up your hands is to 
start by playing on a mode lower than the one you're trying beat. 
This prepares both your mind and body for playing, as the incoming arrows 
move at speeds meant to trick you, so playing on an easier mode for a few 
minutes will warm up your mind, and help it see through any tricks.

Focus is important in Project Rhombus, as it is in any other game, however, 
the game requires constant, intense focus for short periods of time. 
Just telling yourself to stay focused, or removing any distractions in the 
room will help your brain not to get surprised by any fast moving, 
tricky arrows.

-=Getting in the Groove=-
This may sound silly, but its a term I use for when your mind increases 
focus, intelligence, and rythym, and your fingers increase speed and 
accuracy while playing a rythym game. Project Rhombus is a rythym game, 
and using the rythym to your advantage can produce some impressive times. 
While you're playing any track, try to listen to the song, and coordinate 
your key presses to the beat. Project Rhombus has the timings set up so 
that you have to change your blocking direction to the off beat of the 
music. Simplified for non-musical people, the off beat is an imaginary 
beat that happens halfway between the beats of the song. Since the fastest 
you have to change the blocking direction is to the off beat, it means 
that you can coordinate your movements to the music, generating increased
focus, and speed. While in the "Groove" you must make sure to press a key 
a maximum of one time for every off beat. This is necessary to staying in 
the groove. Unfortunately, this means that if you make a mistake and block 
the wrong direction, you will most likely die, and if you survive, you 
will have lost your place in the Groove. The benefits of the Groove 
certainly outweight the cons, as it provides the player with increased 
speed, focus, less misclicks, and less mistakes, ultimately leading to 
better highscore.

The tricks section is basically the tips section, but with advice that 
I can't prove, or can't explain its benefit, and is most likely the result 
a coincidental event. Anything you see below is not proven, and has a 
lower chance of working.

-=Closing one eye to increase focus=-
I tried experimenting with this technique before I unlocked Expert mode, 
and I found it helped me increase my times for a reason I can't explain. 
It brought me over 60 seconds in Normal mode, and over 35 seconds in hard 
mode. I believe it worked for me because it increased my focus by shrinking
 my field of view, or it removed my depth perception, meaning my brain 
had less information to take in, allowing my brain to better process the 
information it actually needed, or by improving my self confidence. 
I did not try this trick again while unlocking expert mode, and after 
unlocking Expert mode, I don't plan on trying it again, because I don't 
want to become mentally reliant on a silly unproven technique.

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