Project Zomboid Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Project Zomboid 
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 Project Zomboid Cheats

Project Zomboid

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Please use these codes while in the game.

Code         Effect
F2+P       - Axe
F6+N       - Cigarettes
F2+L       - Molotov
F2+K       - Nailed Baseballbat
F2+Y       - Pistol
F3+Y       - Saw
F2+I       - Shotgun
F6+K       - Sleeping Tablets
F6+        - Tissue
F6+P       - Vitamins

Making Car Barricades Guide (The New and Improved Way):
Written by dogsoda

Sad that your car barricade doesn't keep the zeds out of your base anymore? 
Well, the solution for you here in this guide.

-=How to Make Car Barricades=-
What Happened to Car Barricades

As of the last Build 41 update/patch, zombies can now crawl under cars to get to you.

This makes car-barricading slightly less effective--extremely ineffective when there 
are hundreds of zombies after your meaty bod all at once.

How to make the new, improved, and 100% effective version of the old car barricade?

It's actually pretty simple.

You'll need lots of wood, and some decent carpentry skill. At least enough to make basic 
walls. It doesn't matter what you make the walls out of, it can be wood or metal. 
It doesn't even matter what level the wall is. If you'd like, you can even make the walls 
have windows, which will allow you to see through to the other side of your barricade. 
(You could substitute the walls for fences, if you're feeling extra-spicy.)

Start off by laying a foundation of perimeter walls, and fill them with the material 
of your choice.

Next, you'll want to find yourself a car. Any type of car will do.

After that, just drive the car up to the side of the wall. Make sure it's completely 
parallel to the side of the wall, so that the entire left or right side of the car is 
smooching the face of your newly erected wall.

It should be so close that you're only able to get in and out of one side of your car.

Note: I'm using McCoy's Logging Co. just because of how little materials you actually 
need to gather to close off the entrances.

Enjoy your new car wall!

That's pretty much it!

Make as much noise as you want, there's nothing those smelly zombies can do about it! 
They'll just loiter around the area's entrance, trying to figure out what they're 
supposed to do to get to you.

I'd probably wait a little while before trying to go out that way, though.

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