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  Hints and Tips for: Punch Club 
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 Punch Club Cheats

Punch Club

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Restore your needs between bouts. 

Your physical health determines whether you will start a bout with 
full hit points. Sleeping on your couch will restore hit points. 

When your hunger meter drops to zero, then you cannot work or train.
This can result in a situation in which you have no food and cannot 
work to earn money to buy food. If this happens, visit Mickey to get
a bare minimum amount of food so you can progress. 

When your happiness drops below half, your training will not be as 
effective. However, it fills by winning fights, and rarely drops by 
a lot. If you lose too many matches and get too unhappy, watch 
television in your recliner at home or get some sleep. 

If you do not have enough energy you will not be able ot work or 
train. You can recover energy by resting on your couch. You can also
raise your energy through energy drinks. 

Select a fighting style to focus on, and improve it. 

This style makes you stronger and allows devastating attacks that can 
be used between soaking damage. Place most of your training into Strength
with a small amount into Stamina. When ready, begin training in the "Way 
of the Bear" skill tree. 

This style will allow you to block, dip, and dodge your opponent while he
to tires himself out. Once his offense slows, you can use counter-attacks
and combos to catch him off guard. Train Stamina primarily with a small 
amount of Strength. Follow the "Way of the Turtle" skill tree. 

This style allows you to move all over the ring and whittle down your 
opponents over time. To punch and move faster than your opponents, train
in Agility primarily and small amount in Stamina. Follow the "Way of the
Tiger" skill tree. 

Experience points:
When you can, start fighting in the Rookie League. Even after you lose, 
you will still gain experience points that can be used to improve your 

* After unlocking the gym, begin training the stats for the specific 
  fighting style you want. This will cost $10 each time. Make sure you 
  have full hunger and energy bars before starting. 
* After you have a steady income, improve your home gym by visiting the 
  sporting goods store. Purchase more exercise equipment to put in your 
  garage. When purchasing equipment, select the ones that will benefit 
  the stats you need for your particular fighting style.
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