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  Hints and Tips for: Puzzle Hero 
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 Puzzle Hero Cheats

Puzzle Hero

Submitted by: RM

If you only have 1 move to make and you can see that the next CPU move 
will be an attack, then try making a move that can't be done (illegal move),
so you lose your turn. That way the CPU will be the one to do the 1 real 
move, so you can do the next one that will be the attack.

How to play twice (as long as you have mana). I noticed that when you cast 
a spell, you can quickly do another move before the spell's "animation" is 
finished. Also, if you time this move right, you can do yet another move. 
It works most of the times and you can repeat it as long as you have some 
mana left. Try to make "cheap" spells, so you can do the trick more times.
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