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  Hints and Tips for: Quaint Room 
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 Quaint Room Cheats

Quaint Room

Submitted by: RM

From the start pick up the pipe and the matchbox from the table.

Search in the bin and under the cushion to find the first two of 
eight white blocks.

Move right to the shrine area. Pick up two more blocks, one in 
the corner and one under the paper lantern.

Move right again. Search in the bowl for another block, in the 
left hand cupboard for yet another and finally one more on the top 

Open the right hand cupboard to collect the scroll.

Move right. Click the picture frame to lift it and then collect the 

Move left twice to face the shrine again.

Hang the scroll on the wall by highlighting it and then clicking the 
shadow on the wall.

Then examine the pipe and take the blob of tar out of the bowl. Examine 
the tar to make a H shape. Place this on the scroll.

Zoom out and examine the candle. Use the matches to light it and then 
place the lit candle under the paper lantern.

Replace the lantern and then watch the black square as the lights 
flicker. When they dim you should be able to make out a pattern of 
white blocks in a 33 grid.

Move around to the door. Zoom in on the black square where you will 
see the final block already in place.

Arrange the blocks in the same pattern you saw on the scroll.

Click the door to escape.
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