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  Hints and Tips for: Quest Hunter 
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 Quest Hunter Cheats

Quest Hunter

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Easy and Fast XP Farming Method:
Written by FrenlyJo

Expectations & Recommendations
What to expect:
70k+ XP/hr
Plenty of Crystals, Health Items and Crafting Materials

-=Recommended skills=-
Freeze, Lightning Strike & Protection Aura (Switch out for Damage spell 
if you can survive without PA)

-=What to do=-
I’ve found that, at least for early game (~lvl 5-12), farming Graveyard 
yields a good amount of both experience and loot.

You have a big number of elites spawning in here (200 XP per kill) and they 
all drop decent loot.

First time you enter there are a few secrets to unveil which give a nice 1
00 XP each.

With stray trash mobs and all the elites you’re looking at around 1500-2500 
experience gained per run. That along with Crystals, Healing Items and some 
Crafting Materials. Each run should take around 1,5 minutes to complete. 
(Depending on your damage, survivability, spawn points etc.)

All in all a very simple run to do. Once you’ve cleared the area, Exit to Map 
and re-enter the Graveyard.

Mind you that you might want to progress further in the story to upgrade your 
gear to make this even faster.

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