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  Hints and Tips for: Race Driver - Grid 
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 Race Driver - Grid Cheats

Race Driver - Grid

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

At the main menu, select "Options", "Bonus Codes", then "Enter Code". Then, enter
one of the following codes to activate the cheat funtion: Note: You must have 
40,000 in funds to start your own team to get the option to view and test drive
the bonus cars.

All drift cars:
Enter "TUN58396" as a code to unlock all drift cars.

All muscle cars:
Enter "MUS59279" as a code to unlock all muscle cars.

Buchbinder 320si Livery:
Enter "F93857372" as a code to unlock the Buchbinder 320si Livery.

GameStation BMW 320si Livery:
Enter "G29782655" as a code to unlock the GameStation BMW 320si Livery.

Micromania Pagani Zonda R Livery:
Enter "M38572343" as a code to unlock the Micromania Pagani Zonda R Livery. Aston Martin DBR9 Livery:
Enter "P47203845" as a code to unlock the Aston Martin DBR9 Livery.

Ninja difficulty:
Win all trophies and complete all head-to-head races in Grid World.

Ninja Difficulty:
An elite difficulty level called Ninja is available for selection in the game
once you’ve won every trophy and successfully completed each head-to-head race.

All Cheats:
Although we have all of the cheats listed here already, they can be unlocked 
for selection automatically when certain conditions are met in-game. First, 
you must achieve a first place finish in all of the global events, which will 
bring you to one last head-to-head race. After winning that race, all of the 
cheats will be unlocked in the same place where the cheats are otherwise 
inserted in the game.

Unlock All Cheats:
Complete all the global events in 1st place to unlock the final Head 2 Head 
with Ravenwest. After winning this final race you will unlock all the cheats.

Global License:
Submitted by: cheatsbook
To unlock the Global License, you have to acquire each of the other regional 
licenses in the game. Then, earn a million Global Points to unlock the Global 
License. All other not yet acquired licenses will be automatically acquired 
when you do.

Disable Opponents:
Go to your Grid Folder and then the AI folder. Remove the file "ai_vehicle_config". 
If you start a race, the opponents stay and you can enjoy the race. Make a backup of 
this file before removing so you can restore the game's original functionality.

Completion bonuses:
Successfully complete the game with all 51 gold trophies to unlock all cheats and 
special cars unlocked. You will also unlock a final Head to Head with Ravenwest 
consisting of three laps around Circuit de la Sarthe that must be done under the 
Extreme difficulty setting. The race is worth $20 million and also awards you 
bonus cars, allowing you to have a total of 47 cars in your garage.

To unlock the liveries listed below, insert the password given into the 
in-game cheats menu. 

Buchbinder 320si           - F93857372
Gamestation BMW 320si      - G29782655
Micromania Pagani Zonda R  - M38572343 Aston Martin DBR9 - P47203845

Easy money:
Complete as many driver jobs as possible. You will get a $4,500 bonus if you do not
use the Flashback option.

Unlock Cheats, Bonus Cars and Ninja Difficulty:
Do the following to get everything unlocked:

Unlockable         How to Unlock	
Bonus Cars       - Complete game earning 51 Gold Trophies, as well as beat Ravenwest.	
Cheats           - Complete game earning 51 Gold Trophies, as well as beat Ravenwest.	
Ninja Difficulty - Complete game earning 51 Gold Trophies, as well as beat Ravenwest.

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