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  Hints and Tips for: Raft 
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 Raft Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Shark Attack Tips:
* You should craft a wooden spear, which is a tool that allows you to attack the 
  shark. However, you want to play defensively. If you jump in to the water to 
  fight it, you will lose. It is a shark. You will lose. Don’t try it.
* Wait for the shark to attack your raft, and then hit him with your spear. 
  After four hits with the wooden spear, he will let go of the raft.
* You can also distract it by using shark bait, which will keep him in place for 
  a while, useful if you want to do some underwater expeditions.

How to Use The Research Station:
You can craft a handy station in this game, the research station. Using it 
correctly will allow you to craft new things to develop your raft and character. 
When placed, you can walk up to it and interact with the book on it, which will 
open a menu showing all of your researchable things. You can get new researchable 
things by using blueprints, found in barrels. Place an item in the research spot 
and it will fill in the research requirement of that item for every researchable 
thing you have avaiable. All of them. Once you have met all of the requirements, 
you can click learn, and then from that point on you can craft the item.

Tips & Tricks:
1. Placing Equipment
If Possible always place equipment over one or more tiles. That way if one gets 
destroyed the item is still on the other piece so it is still there. You can also 
put them on roofs and walls which can help making them even safer.

2.Water Purifier
Remember, unlike the old raft you do not actually put the cup into the purifier 
you only use it to put water in and take it out. This has lead to confusion among 
many youtubers and it is likely that other players will also struggle with this 
is they think it is like the old raft.

3.Throwable Anchor

The bucket anchor is a one time use so make sure to use it wisely. Only use if 
for big islands you can reach without needing anymore resources. Otherwise you 
may not have enough. When you are anchored resources will not float by as the 
stay in about the same spot. It also helps to throw it close to the island as 
the raft is dragged that way.

4.Damage Underwater
If you take damage underwater it is probably the shark eating you and not the 
plants if your oxygen bar still has oxygen left. If none is left then it is the 
oxygen bar. (It may also be the eels)

5.Managing Your Status
We recommend keeping both of your stats high and at about the same level. If you 
have high water and low food (and vice versa) it will affect your speed and other 
things. Keeping them high also helps heal quicker and also if you run out of food 
or water you will have more time to get it before you die.

Research in raft is simple and easy. However we would not recommend starting it 
before you have decent resources as many things that the research table unlock 
are for cosmetic or upgraded things that you already have in a lower form. When 
you do decide to do some research put all the items in for the recipe you want 
to unlock. (these items will also unlock in other recipes that feature them) 
then when you have put in all the resources something takes to craft click the 
learn button that appears. If you get a blueprint you also need to put it in the 
top of the crafting table to allow that recipe to be unlocked by putting items 
in. It sounds complicated but in game it is actually very simple.

7. Building Upwards
While most people will know how this works many won’t as it has changed from 
itch slightly and not everyone has played itch. When building upwards you need 
supports from the floor below. In the old itch the supports used to need to be 
massive and in the middle. However in the steam edition of raft the poles are 
small and can go on the edges (and in the middle depending on how big the floor 
is) They can hold 2 if they are on the side and 4 if they are positioned in the 
middle. (pretty sure this is the case)

Seagulls like to eat your crops and can be a very be very irritating however 
you can do things to stop this. The main way is to build a scarecrow which 
scares off the seagulls, however they can be damaged by them if you are not 
careful. A more simple way is to kill them but you need to be quick or they 
will just fly way. You are rewarded for your efforts with 2 drumsticks and 
5 – 8 feathers.

9.Easy movement of items
Shift + left click to instantly move items to chest or hotbar. (If chest 
is not open.) Same system that many inventory style games use. This also 
include middle clicking to split stacks as well as holding right click.

10. You can wear the shark head if you place it in one of your equipment slots.

Getting Food and Water:
Wood and water are two factors which will determine if you survive. 
You can get food in two ways, growing it, and fishing.

Growing your Own Food:
To begin growing your own food, you need to craft a planter. 
Currently, you can only craft a small one.

Craft it and place it, and keep an eye out on your inventory each time you 
collect a barrel. You might get a potato, or a beet. You can plant these two 
plants in the small planter, and like all plants, they need fresh water 
(see below). Give the watered plants time, and stay near them, as seagulls 
will try and eat them. You will get more plants back than you planted, making 
this a renewable source of food, albeit time consuming.

You can craft a fishing rod here, which is an incredibly useful item to have. 
It allows you to cast your rod and catch fish when prompted. However, eating these
 raw fish is inefficient, and you can improve their hunger satisfaction by cooking 
them. To do so, you need to craft a grill. That is straightforward, and once you 
have it crafted you can place your fish upon it. However, you can’t cook something 
with the power of sheer willpower alone, you need some fire. Placing planks upon 
the grill will allow it to cook. Give it time, and your fish will be cooked.

Getting Fresh Water:
Start by crafting a cup, and a purification station. You can collect saltwater 
from the ocean whilst holding the cup, and place it on the purification station 
similar to the grill. Also similar to the grill, you must add planks to it to 
allow it to boil.

How to Get Sand and Clay:
Written by DemonsHW-

Want to make wet brick? Need Clay or Sand? I got ya!

* Find the island.
* Anchor near the island.
* Distract / Kill the shark.
* Go to bottom with a hook.
* Profit!

Infinite Equipment Durability:
Follow these simple steps;

1.Start with crafting the Oxygen bottle/Flippers.
2.Whenever the Oxygen bottle or the Flippers are used or when the durability 
  of the item has decreased, pull the item out of the equipment slot.
3.When you’ve pulled the item from the slot, the item will still be damaged. 
  But don’t worry, Step 4 is going solve everything.
4.Then you put the item back into one of the equipment slots, and the item will 
  now be restored to full health and in pristine condition.

Tips and Tricks for Beginners:
Written by Yocandy4
This guide contains tips and tricks that I hope you will find useful.

-=Food and Water=-
Who doesn’t love food? Who doesn’t need water? Especially when you are stranded on 
a Raft in the middle of an ocean! But how in the world do you get food and water 
when you are stranded on a raft in the middle of an ocean. Here are some of the 
ways you can get food and the one way you can get water in the game Raft

-=For food=-
1. Fishing is a really good and easy way to get food. If you want to fish you’ll 
need a fishing rod which you can craft using some wood and rope. Also in order to 
make shark bait you need two different kinds of fish which can be obtained by 
fishing with the fishing rod.

2. Potatoes and beets can be found in barrels. So if you need a quick snack try and 
find a nice juciy potato or beet.. or well a nice soggy potato or beet in a barrel.

3. Growing food is another good way to get food, but it is probably one of the most 
expensive ways as well. It is expensive because you need fresh water and a beet or
 potato, and it also takes time for the crops to grow. But after you harvest what 
you planted you will have double the amount of food that you planted.
4. The most dangerous way to get food is by killing the shark. I have discovered 
that the first shark you see will follow you until you kill it. It does not ever 
stop following you and give up unless you kill it. I figured this out one time when 
the shark was attacking my raft and I killed it in only a few hits. So try to 
everytime the shark attacks your raft hit it at least once and you will eventaully 
kill it, and I learned from other people that you should stab the shark a couple 
more times after it is dead to get all you can out of it. I did this and I got two 
more shark meat and the shark head. So what they are saying is true you should 
definately stab it a couple more times.

Those are all the ways I have personally got food from. I know there are more ways 
to get food but I have not gotten food by them personally yet.

-=For water=-
There is only one way I know of to get water that you can actaully drink without 
it taking away at your thirst bar, and that is by purifiing water from the ocean 
aka salt water. Sidenote you have to have purified water to water crops. All you 
have to do to get water is to catch some supplies floating by, build a plastic 
cup, then build a water purifier, then fill the plastic cup with salt water, then
 put your saltwater into the water purifier, then give the water purifier some 
fuel aka wood, and then Voila you have water. There is also another water purifier 
that you can build but I have not built it yet.

-=General Tips and Tricks=-
These are some tips that are just useful to know in general.

1. The first six things that you should build in order are,

* Water Purifier and plastic cup
* Wodden Spear
* Small Grill
* Fishing Rod
* Hammer
* Reaserch table

The reason why I put the spear before the small grill is because the shark will be 
attacking and destroying your raft and it is hard to place a small grill on a raft 
when you have no raft. Also, as long as you are grabbing the barrels floating by 
you should be able not to starve because barrels sometimes have beets and potatos 
in them. For those who do not know the hammer lets you build a bigger raft, and 
can also help you repair your raft if the shark attacks and does not destroy 

-=Now back to the normal tips.=-
2. Drinking un purified water aka salt water will hurt your hydration bar not help it.

3. Try to reasearch the net as soon as possible.

4. If you see another raft floating in the distance and decide to ditch your raft and 
go to that other one because it is bigger do not do this. Because you will find a 
crate on that raft and once you open it the raft will start sinking. Now, that does 
not mean don’t get the crate on it, because the crate has some useful stuff in it, 
but it means don’t ditch your raft for the other raft.
5. Never lose track of your raft! I made this mistake and lost my raft I eventually 
just abondaned that game.

6. If you want to hook supplies, something I have found usfuel is to use two fences 
at one of the front corners of your raft and make a corner. That way you can run into 
it and hook things and not have the fear of falling off.

7. Never use rope fences it is a waste of supplies. Instead just use plain wooden 
fences. The reason why is because rope fences cost two wood and two rope, and normal 
wooden fences use only 2 wood.

8. Use fences at the edges of your raft so you do not fall off.

9. I am not the first person to say this, thankfully I read other peoples tips before 
something bad happened. But whenever you have something important like storage or a 
water pruifier or anything, make sure that it is not on the outer edge of your raft 
so that the shark does not destroy it. You can use the hammer to build platforms 
around it.

10. You need to give the water purifier fuel aka wood in order for it to purify your 

Expanding Your Raft:
* You can’t live on only 4 squares, where are you going to place all your treasures?
* Craft a Building Hammer and get to work !
* Hold [RightClick] to choose what you want to build then use [LeftClick] to place it.
  It will appear in green so that you can have an idea before placing it. You can rotate
  it before placing it.
* Everything you build will cost you materials, usually planks but sometimes also ropes, 
  palm leaves…
* If you misplace something you can break it using an Axe, it will refund you half 
  of the original cost.
* If you want a second ( or more ) floor, you’ll have to build pillars or walls first. 
  You’ll be able to place floors all around the pillar/wall so remember that when for 
  example you place pillars, you only need to place one in two.
* If you’re playing anything but peaceful mode, you will need something really 
  important: Foundation Armor. It will protect your raft from shark attacks. So 
  place them in priority on squares holding something because for now, the shark 
  can absolutely attack foundations in the middle of your raft and if it holds 
  something, it will disappear with the square.
* Creative Mode is a perfect way to try out structures before placing them on your 
  current raft and risking wasting precious materials.

Mother Lode Achievement Guide:
Written by GrushenkosAfterlife

Simple method to obtain the Mother Lode Achievement.

I Killed the Mama Bear and So Can You

You need:
* 1 Bow.
* Up to 50 Arrows.
* Food.
* Water.

You don't need armor or other items. This is not the hero's way to kill her, 
but it works.

* Approach the Mama Bear from any desired angle.
* Take note of your surroundings (e.g. blue rock, birch tree, etc.) and choose a 
  place from which to fire.
* Hit the Mama Bear with an arrow and run (she will chase only for a few seconds, 
  then return to her precious berries).
* Return to the same place from which you fired (blue rock, birch tree) and hit 
  her with another arrow.
* Repeat the process and you will unlock the Mother Lode achievement.

Not sure if the process is cumulative... I fought her three times and was incapacitated 
each time. If cumulative, then as many as 50 arrows are needed

No leather armor is needed, just stick and move!

How to Obtain Former Glory Achievement:
Written by pokeninja

Disclaimer: You need to have caravan town to do this achievement.


So for this it says something along the lines of "the four pieces united" 
witch isn't that help full I myself have this achievement and this is how to 
get it.

-=Step 1=-
First you need the metal detector from caravan town it will glow with all bulbs 
on it if you are on top of treasure.

-=Step 2=-
Second you will need to dig with a shovel on this spot,remember ii is not guaranted 
that it will be a tiki piece

-=Step 3=-
Third after doing this (on islands,small island gives 1 treasure per island and 
giant islands give. For a while you will get 4 tiki totem pieces, they need to be 
placed on each other in a specific order,you can use my image or you can look on 
their forhead and bottom,match the colours (if there is no colour on top / bottom 
then it top / bottom piece) and then it will spin if you did it right and you will 
get the achievement,also pick up the tower for a secret item.

Upon picking up the totem you will get a tiki mask.

How to Feed Animals:
Written by fwe3434

-=Guide to Feed Pet=-

* You need to put down a grass crop plot, and then water them and wait. I would recommend 
  to make fences around your enclosure so that the animals will forever be stuck in there 
  with no hope of escaping, this step is very important. 
* After this the grass should be finished.
* After the grass is finished put your animal in the enclosure and watch it eat as 
  you take its resources.

How to Get Wood (Easy Method):
Written by PandaPandemicTV

-=Part 1=-
Get to Balboa Island (The one with all the scary bears and bees). 

* Once you've completed this island, you can always come back.
* Everything respawns. All the trees, all the bears! Even the bees and honey.
* And the trees give you seeds occasionally (If you didn't know, the small birch 
  and oak trees on that island can be cut down)!
* So you can plant them again and hope they'll keep giving you seeds (We can all 
  dream. But you know they won't give you enough seeds back. 
  Might as well keep them there for decorations).

-=Part 2=-
Get to Tangaroa (The giant glass dome one. Yes, with the robots). 

* Once you completed this islands, you should have all the doors open to the top.
* When you come back to this island, you'll have easy access to the top. 
  The doors stay open.
* All those trees that are neatly planted around grow back! Sadly they don't give 
  you seeds, but plenty of wood (Big projects can finally be finished)!
* As a bonus, you can gather the coins again. So if you missed out on getting the 
  piano (I know, its expensive, and you needed all those potted plants to place all 
  over your massive raft), you can get it.
* You can also recollect the bananas and strawberries!

Useful Tips Before You Start:
Some observations I made while playing that I wish I’d known from the start.

-=Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting=-
Hello, and welcome to Raft! If you’re reading this, you’re probably a newbie to 
the game and are looking for a few pointers to get you started. Included are some 
things I’ve learnt in 40 hours playing on single player/normal mode; applicability
may vary if you’re playing on a different difficulty or co-op.

1) The plank economy: The humble plank is the lifeblood of raft. You will 
constantly be spending planks – cooking food, purifying water (before you get 
glass, anyway), refining material in the smelter, and of course, repairing damage 
done by Bruce the shark. You’ll come across a number of guides which advise you 
to not worry about visiting islands too early, or staying there too long – this 
is why. By all means, visit islands, gather resources (and cut down trees!) but 
if you’re planning on spending time crafting or building your raft, leave the 
island behind.

2) Simple Collection Nets are fantastic. If planks are the lifeblood of Raft, 
Nets are your means of generating passive income. Space them out – a regular 
foundation between each one should be fine. Once you have a few, you can focus 
on only bringing in barrels, or crafting, or building your raft, while material 
collects. Just remember to have one or more foundation between them and the edge 
of your raft – Bruce will be sure to snack on them otherwise.

3) Speaking of building your raft, you can make it more resistant to Bruce by 
using 2 triangles instead of 1 square along your edges. The material cost is 
the same, and it means Bruce needs to chew through twice as much foundation. 
This probably backfires late in the game, once you start building engines, 
since the engine power you need is determined by number of foundations, but at 
that point you can re-engineer your raft to use squares or just build more 

4) Don’t be afraid to re-engineer your raft, particularly if you’re floating 
with the current and letting your nets collect materials. A layout that serves 
you well in the early game might prove to be a hassle late game. Also remember 
that many things (storage, small garden plots, etc) can be stuck on walls, and 
palm walls are a great use of those otherwise useless palm fronds.

5) Set up a few seagull nests somewhere you can keep an eye on them – perhaps 
near your sail. The feathers they produce aren’t that useful, but seagulls are 
easy to kill and drop 2 drumsticks each time. Yum!

6) Pausing the game is a little unintuitive. It’s not enough to just hit escape, 
as the developers have suggested on Twitter – you also need to have started the 
game in “No one can join” mode. Otherwise time will continue even with the menu 
up, and you will starve or die of thirst while taking a bathroom break. Of course, 
the pro gamer move is to just save the world and quit to the main menu, anyway.

7) Bruce is a loyal companion, always ready to give you mouth-hugs, but he’s not 
all-knowing. If you park your raft on one side of the island, Bruce will generally 
stay with it, which means you can safely collect resources in the water on the 
other side of the island.

8) Shark bait can keep Bruce busy while you collect resources around your raft, 
but you can also use it to draw him close to your raft and smack him with a spear 
each time he attacks the bait. When Bruce dies, there’s several minutes before 
he respawns. You can prolong this by not looting his corpse, since the respawn 
timer won’t start until the corpse disappears just as any other unattended item 

9) When leaving your raft, take only what you need – leave the rest behind in 
a chest. No sense in losing some fancy gear or high-end resources that might 
be difficult to replace.

10) Speaking of which, I always like to set aside a chest where I’ve got a 
scrap hook, a cup or bottle with fresh water, food, an axe and maybe a weapon, 
along with some planks, plastic, stone and scrap. This is useful if you die 
and respawn without your gear – having some gear ready-to-go makes dying less 
annoying. Just remember to replace anything you take!

Bonus Combat Tips
Always, always having some food & drink on your hotbar, and consume both when 
you think you’re about to be in a fight. The dehydrated/starving slowdown will 
absolutely get you killed if it happens in the middle of a fight.
Boars and bears fight in a similar way: telegraph that they’re about to charge, 
and then charge in a straight line. Just dodge to the side and you can smack 
them fairly easily. Try to be on open ground so you have room to dodge, but 
also having rocks or something you can leap up on but they have to path around 
can make your life very easy.
Screechers are deadly in open ground, but seem to get confused if you’re in 
a tight spot – caves or narrow passes work well. If you can find such a place, 
the screecher will often start circling overhead in a predictable pattern, 
making it easy prey for your bow.

Collect all trash in the ocean:
Trash in the ocean spawns directly in front of the center of the raft spanning 28 
blocks wide. Place collection nets in center forward and 13 or more blocks left 
and right of center to collect every piece of trash that spawns in front of the 
raft. A T shape or Arrow shaped raft works ideally for this.

Food and Water with no additional resources required:
Trees are not guaranteed to drop seeds, and thus are not 100% reliable for full 
sustainability. However with an Advanced Purifier you receive clean water 
withoutuiring wood to burn. With this sustainable water you can keep a Clucker 
farm, which means you have eggs as long as you water the grass. Eggs can be eaten 
raw without cooking, and thus is a food item that requires no additional resources.

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