Raiders! Forsaken Earth Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Raiders! Forsaken Earth 
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 Raiders! Forsaken Earth Cheats

Raiders! Forsaken Earth

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Useful Tips and Tricks:
Written by Waschbar42

Here are couple of specific tips to get started, all of this is on the default difficulty.

-=Tips to Get Started=-

* First action after starting a new game: On the left side of the screen click the 5th 
  icon from the top "ledger". Here you can adjust the % of all income you give to your 
  men for morale (profit share). Since morale is very easy to manage and this % is 25 by 
  default, it can easily be reduced to 0% or 5% for the beginning - increasing your income 
  by about 20% just like that!

* This should be #2 .. in fact, now it is! :) After you built a building in your hideout, 
  always click on the "labor" tab to assign workers to the new building. Most buildings 
  won't do anything without assigned workers.

* The buildings in your hideout deserve their own guide but here is my quick tip: Build 
  the "longhouse" first. 10 extra leadership points early on are huge - plus you get 
  them even without workers assigned to the longhouse.

* In the couple first days after game start, the black market is open. Meaning you can 
  sell goods directly from your hideout. The market will close and only come back at the 
  beginning of every month for a couple of days. Use the first window at game start to 
  scavenge and sell as much goods as you can/like (wood and rubber have the highest 
  selling price and a viable weight, ignore scrap and garbage for now).

* Best done by dropping off all raiders in the hideout and only go scavenging with your 
  main character since he/she doesn't lose morale. This can earn you 5k easily before 
  the marekt closes for the month.

* In all cities there is pit fights (button lower right) where you can win 1k by betting 
  on your guy. Easy fight (for a decent fighter) and quick money. Plus some XP. Yoiu can 
  do one pit fight map-wide per day - and you should do that every day. Later on, the 
  fights get tougher and the betting amount can be increased.

* Also, there is a special location called the "battle dome" where you can get a unique 
  named weapon. Easy fight for a decent fighter (must be main character here). 
  Can only be done once.

* Fights cause vigilance to raise, higher vigilance levels (! at the top) meaning more 
  and better defenses for your potential victims. So pick your targets wisely, don't 
  attack every random caravan but only the ones which carry useful tradesmen and/or 
  ressources/chips. Otherwise, the defenses especially of the big settlements becomes 
  way stronger rather quickly (compared to your strength increase).

* Fear is basically money - as long as you have not reached the highest vigilance 
  level (and ppl stop trading with you). But some goods are cheaper in fear than in 
  chips - and vice versa, f.e. steel costs 100 chips per unit but only 10 fear while 
  beer costs 30 chips per unit but also 10 fear. So if you want to spent your fear 
  on trading do not wait til the end game

* There are 3/4/2 tiers for armor/helmets/weapons with respective stat ranges (f.e. 
  tier3 armor is 10-13 armor points, 24-29 hp, -2 stamina and -8% to hit/crit). So 
  you only need to deconstruct one armor/helmet/weapon per tier in order to craft it 

* Equipment bought is never really good and often even lower than its tier's stat

* Keep 1-2 open spots in your party befor tough fights in order to be able to pick 
  up leveled and equipped defectors afterward.

* Get a scout asap! Check the list in the upper right for caravans with a little face 
  on the right side. Mouse-over the face to find out what kind of person they are 
  travelling with. If there is a caravan with a scout, go for it. The scout enables 
  you to use the "scout" button in encounters and settlements which gives more 
  information on defenses and persons.

* There are some more special locations. At least three of them give you free wmd! 
  Also, you can revisit almost all special locations (except the wmd ones and one 
  or two others), so before you fight mutated hippos and such, maybe leave and 
  save/come back later.

* Don't forget to equip the trinkets you start the game with immediately, they give 
  you free stuff every day (roster, last button in top of equipment selection).

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