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  Hints and Tips for: Rail of War 
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 Rail of War Cheats

Rail of War

Submitted by: Sasuke

Wanna finish mission 1???click the train then 2 slots wagon then click the weapons 
click the big one!!! then another slot (try 2 or 1 slot then click the weapon if not 
enough cash 1 slot) then start the game!!!

Submitted  by: David K

How Fast Can You Go?:
It's tempting to crank up the speed and see how fast you can go, but you're 
guaranteed to run into more enemies than you can handle. Take things slowly 
and you'll live longer.

Refuel, Fool!:
Trains take a lot of gas, so make sure to refuel every chance you get! 
Hit the red Full Stop button to refuel and repair when you are in a compound.

Submitted by: evan

Hold 122 and you will unlock everything, have unlimitid cash and have unlimited health:

Disable land enemies:
Submitted by: Evans Winata

Not sure if it's a cheat, I see it more as a useful bug for us. Go to train building screen, 
where you set up your train and equip it with weapons. Be sure to include more automatic 
weapons, like rocket launcher (include 3-4 of them) and railrockets (1 or 2 of them). Don't 
press start yet. Now, press Alt+Tab to switch to other Windows applications. Work on those 
applications for a moment, and use Alt+Tab to switch back to Rail of War game. Then, start 
the game (after building your train).

You will see that you have no more land enemies. All tanks and buldozers are gone (there are 
some left though, that's why you still need railrockets). You only have air units to destroy. 
There's a catch though: you can't shoot manually. That's why you need rocket launchers to take 
care of those air units for you and you need railrockets to destroy the land units.

You can cruise your way to the destination much easier now...

How to double the amount of air rockets:
Submitted by: Christopher

As all of you know, when the rocket launchers are in use, they only send two rockets at a time 
for each untit and there is a wait time until it relaunches. So with that said, in order to 
double the amount of air rockets or surface-to-air missiles (SAMs), there are a few steps to 
activate the cheat.

1. Wait until the first set of SAMs are launched at the aircraft.
2. When the SAM launcher is about to launch the second set, press the 'M' key on your laptop. 
The minimap should appear.
3. Press the 'M' key again to continue playing. When you come back to the game, instead of there 
being two SAMs, there will be four being launched.

This is a cheat that I've used ever since I've found out about it and has worked the majority 
of the time. Make sure to use these steps repeatedly for maximum damage.


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