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  Hints and Tips for: Railroad Corporation 
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 Railroad Corporation Cheats

Railroad Corporation

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Make Money (Easy Method):
This guide describes how to make easy money in Railroad Corporation.

To make easy money at the very begining of the game (mission) search for 
towns that have production facilities (farms, loging etc) and in the same 
time need that resorce (for instance town has logging and in the same time 
requires logs).

Buy a lot in that town and build a warehouse on it. You can than using the 
warehouse buy logs from logging and sell it at triple price to town.

You donít need to have a railroad line to that town. Do that in 5 to 6 towns 
and you are set with money for the duration of the mission.

Remember to cycle through your warehouses every month or two as towns develop 
needs quickly and you can make some easy money.

If for some reason you can not build a warehouse in town that needs the goods 
which itself produces you can always build a railway line to that town and 
park a train (locomotive) in itís station.

The locomotive than acts as a warehouse only with less capacity 
(2 -3 instead of 20 -30).

To make money just load the goods from production facility to train and unload 
them to city hall or factory. The process is nearly instant, the train does 
not go anywhere and you have tripled your money.

Remember to do this every month or two and you are set with money.

You can use the railway lines and stations of your AI competitors in single 
player mode. Just conect to one of his stations and you have access to his 
entire net. It must be done at the very beginning while his stations still 
have free connections.

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