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 Railroad Tycoon 2 - The Second Century Cheats

Railroad Tycoon 2 - The Second Century

No crashes:
The v1.53 patch is required for this code to function. Press [Tab] 
during game play and type nowreck. 

- GameTips - 
* If you have a long scenario ahead of you, try to seek out cash cow 
routes that can help keep you in the black. Look for places to create 
miniroutes between two industries that can feed off of each other; set 
up two small stations and buy yourself the cheapest, most reliable 
engine possible (speed doesn't really matter on such a short route). 
Afterward, you should find yourself with a solid and steady flow of 
income as you work on your grander visions. 
* If you use the "auto" track-laying feature, be sure to turn the grid 
on (press the G key) and build in small sections to give yourself the 
most control over slopes and hills. 

* Once you get into high-tech locomotives such as the TGV and the Brenner,
you need to evaluate maintenance, fuel, and start-up costs for these 
massive brutes. It's one thing to fork over $200,000 for a new engine 
in RTII, but now you can spend more than a million bucks on one of these 
new beauties. Make sure it'll pay off for you down the road! 

* In the Metra scenarios, build more small stations instead of fewer 
large ones. You still serve the same population, but the shorter 
distance between stops means a faster flowing income stream (and less 
real estate you have to bulldoze).

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