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  Hints and Tips for: Rail Simulator 
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 Rail Simulator Cheats

Rail Simulator

Arriving East:
In the yard, change switches 1 and 2 to exit the yard. Go slow 
(start at MP 34) and pay attention. As you enter the yard at 
Victorville, all switches should be set to send the train straight.
Switch as needed. You will want Siding 5. Stop after you reach 
Siding 5 and wait for confirmation.

Cajon Pass:
In the yard, switches 6 and 9 must be changed to exit the yard to
the main line. When out on to the main line, keep a close eye on 
the information accessed by F3. F1 ad F4 also have useful information
which can be pulled up. Stop just after MP 60. This due to a rock 
slide which crews are working on. Pay close attention to the information
on F3, second to the right. This will tell you the distance until your 
next destination. Just after MP 50, slow down to change you route. This
should be done without any switching. Slow at MP 46 or even just before
hand. Change switch # 1 in Hesperia. Stop at .4 miles until the 
destination then wait for confirmation.
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