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  Hints and Tips for: Railway Empire 
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 Railway Empire Cheats

Railway Empire

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Sandbox Mode:
In this mode, you can play entirely without opponents or financial pressure.
All locomotives from the chosen era are available to you from the very 
beginning, and you have unlimited funds.

Written by Thyriel

* Trains always use the shortest available path even if a slightly longer route 
  would be faster. 

* If you have more then one train to a station configure the used platform manually 
  (edit route > click station) to divide them optimally between the available 
   platforms. Hovering with the mouse over a platform shows you how much (in percent) 
   the platform is currently in use. If you have trains driving through a station 
   don't use that platform for other trains as you can't select on which platform 
   trains drive through. 

* Everywhere where you use shunts place entry-signals from all directions facing 
  into the area. 

* Don't place signals if a full length train does not fit behind it. 
  (Tip: a train is ~14km long compared to track length in building mode) 

* Supply Towers and stations have built-in signals 

* Signals "think" ahead if a train reserving a path to them will cause a conflict 
  somewhen further ahead. (if it wouldn't do that for example, you couldn't use 
  automatic block points on single tracks or trains would soon block each other 
  head on head). Think of it like trains can pre-reserve a path ahead of these   
  signals, even if that path is still in use by another train, as long as it 
  won't cause a conflict in the future. 

* A signal in the opposite direction of a train has no effect. 
  It acts like there would be no signal at all.

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