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  Hints and Tips for: Railway Empire 
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 Railway Empire Cheats

Railway Empire

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Sandbox Mode:
In this mode, you can play entirely without opponents or financial pressure.
All locomotives from the chosen era are available to you from the very 
beginning, and you have unlimited funds.

Written by Thyriel

* Trains always use the shortest available path even if a slightly longer route 
  would be faster. 

* If you have more then one train to a station configure the used platform manually 
  (edit route > click station) to divide them optimally between the available 
   platforms. Hovering with the mouse over a platform shows you how much (in percent) 
   the platform is currently in use. If you have trains driving through a station 
   don't use that platform for other trains as you can't select on which platform 
   trains drive through. 

* Everywhere where you use shunts place entry-signals from all directions facing 
  into the area. 

* Don't place signals if a full length train does not fit behind it. 
  (Tip: a train is ~14km long compared to track length in building mode) 

* Supply Towers and stations have built-in signals 

* Signals "think" ahead if a train reserving a path to them will cause a conflict 
  somewhen further ahead. (if it wouldn't do that for example, you couldn't use 
  automatic block points on single tracks or trains would soon block each other 
  head on head). Think of it like trains can pre-reserve a path ahead of these   
  signals, even if that path is still in use by another train, as long as it 
  won't cause a conflict in the future. 

* A signal in the opposite direction of a train has no effect. 
  It acts like there would be no signal at all.

Over the Mississippi Tips:
Scenario: In this non-linear order you are now moving from the east coast to 
attempting to build a very large bridge over the Mississippi. Whereas normally you 
just pay money this map will require you to build resources for bridge building, 
completely unique to this map. 
You will be joined by The Trickster and The Lady on this map.
1854 – Connect 10 Rural Businesses
1856 – Connect 250,000 people to your network

It might seem wise to connect in chronological order but connect as many cities as you 
can first. The rural businesses can come after once you figure out what sorts of things 
each city will need and in what amounts. There are a lot of easy to access cities. 
Head east and north first and then look to the south. Starting off with a large number 
of connected cities will give a large boon.

To figure out what resources to connect to what cities select a city and see what it 
demands. A demand under 0.5 will not support one train. You will need to connect 
multiple resources or a resource to multiple cities (via one train) in order to make 
profit. Focus on the demands over one as they can support a train. Demands over 3 can 
support two trains.

Chicago is a good place to start linking everything up to. 
It is surrounded by towns and has a giant population meaning they will take in almost all 

After you complete these goals you can unlock Rock Island which is not somewhere the 
game will allow you to build to initially.

OPTIONAL 1854 – Reach a population of 100,000 in Toledo

This is a fairly easy objective to accomplish. Connect the Indianapolis, Chicago and 
Grand Rapids to Toledo. This will do most of the work. After this connect a source of 
Fruit and whatever resources it needs to build its industry. If you build a museum it 
will help get it to the appropriate number faster.

Optional 1856 – Connect cities Chicago, St. Louis and Louisville

Chicago is in the middle of the map. St. Louis is to the southwest. 
Louisville is to the southeast. It’s just a good idea to connect them regardless.

1858 – Deliver 50 Loads of Lumber to Rock Island

To accomplish this you need to have a city that produces Lumber. Lumber is produced 
from Wood. Connect a wood source to a Lumber production and connect that city to Rock 
Island. Easiest way to do it is purchase a Lumber business near Rock Island. 
But connecting a random one will work and you will have time.

If Rock City builds a lumber yard you will have to buy it and destroy it, otherwise it 
will not take Lumber deliveries.
1861 – Transport 100 passengers from Toledo to Omaha without stopping

You cannot cross the Mississippi river without using the bridge you built. 
So you have two paths on.

Chapter 1 – The Great Plains Tips:
The Great Plains is the beginner level and locks you into Roger Smythe as your character. 
As you can see Roger Smythe gets a 5% bonus from freight prices. As stated in the 
characters section, this is a late game trait.

Scenario: The last track of the intercontinental railroad is beginning but needs to get 
a path westward through the mountains into Cheyenne.

Thomas Clark Duncan the famous rail man is the guide. The absolute best tip is to, 
follow the guide. Skipping ahead or doing your own thing will cause you to be late on 
getting objectives and doing them late.

The big problem is that eventually you will be given a list of things that you have to 
do and if you lose too much time playing around you won’t get to the list. 

To get ahead the list is as follows:
1864 – Connect Omaha to North Platte
1864 – Connect Omaha to Cheyenne
1866 – Deliver 10 Loads of Cattle to Denver
1867 – Deliver 16 Loads of Meat to Cheyenne
1868 – Connect 150,000 people to your network
1867 – Reach a Population of 30,000 in Cheyenne
1867 – Connect Omaha to Rock Springs
1868 – Transport 100 Passengers from Rock Springs to Cheyenne without stopping

On major tip is that if you select the symbol that looks like a stock chart on the top 
right you can go over one slot and take out two loans that will give you a giant boost 
of income.

Otherwise read the tutorial in this section on building train lines. 
Try not to build lines through mountains, far cheaper to build around.

Chapter 4 – Civil War Tips:

Scenario: The American Civil War has broken out and it is being shoe-horned into this game 
without any particular care for accuracy. You are to supply troops with weapons and supplies 
as they push deeper and deeper south. This historical fiction focuses largely on the battles 
in Kentucky. But you won’t see any actual battles. You will be playing against General 
Jonathan Johnson who won’t take any actions against you and who you will get free 
infrastructure from him from time to time.

1861 – Reach a population of 60,000 in Louisville
1861 – Produce 1 Load of Weapons

Getting Louisvile to 60,000 can be accomplished by using the infrastructure provided. 
The city has a museum which will “carry you” to the objective.

You get your first warehouse. This can be loaded with goods from multiple points and two 
trains will run supplies from the warehouse to Louisville.

Focus on connecting as many cities as are available. 
This will give you the revenue needed for the rest of the game.

Weapons are the second most complicated supply line in the game.

You need to produce Chemicals which are made from Coal.

You will need to produce Lumber which is made from Wood.

You will need to ship the Lumber, Chemicals and also Iron to one city where they will be 
produced. This is a lot more time sensitive than the preceeding levels so it is important
to try and rush out those weapons before even getting the population of Louisville to 60,000.

1862 – Transport 12 Loads of Weapons

Not all cities will accept weapons. They need to have a very high population for that.

But Nashville and Memphis both have a special structure called a “Military Depot” which 
will collect and stockpile weapons. Create a line to Nashville from wherever you have 
decided to build weapons and another one to Memphis to begin the process. While you are 
waiting for the weapons to ship upgrade your weapon creating capacity and ship resources 
to places to improve their overall level of happiness. More lines = more money = easier 

You can also setup your weapon dumping lines into loops if you have a surplus weapons 
problem in your city. You can click on the city to see how many items, how many passenger 
trains and how many mail trains are unserviced by transit.

1863 – Deliver 12 Loads of Weapons to Knoxville
1863 – Deliver 12 Loads of Weapons to Jackson
1863 – Transport 3,000 passengers.

Guess what, these places also have military depots. Make a line to Knoxville, this is the 
easiest one to deal with. If you made a line to Memphis just redirected it to Jackson. 
Any other lines that are shipping weapons can be set to “Passenger and Mail Only” from 
“Automatic” to avoid them taking weapons designated for elsewhere.

Knoxville will likely finish receiving weapons first due to the shortness of the line so 
set it to Passenger and Mail Only as soon as it is done. Once you are done all these 
objectives you can turn all routes back to Automatic.

The 2,000 passengers you have to transport can be transported anywhere. 
They’re hypothetical troops but since they go anywhere…. not actual troops.

1864 – Transport 3,000 passengers from Louisville to Atlanta without stopping
1864 – Reach a population of 60,000 in Atlanta
1865 – Reach a population of 70,000 in Jacksonville

Make a direct line between Louisville and Atlanta immediately and set it to Mail and 
Passenger only so that freight doesn’t take priority. Market Crier will help get more 
passengers on your train. Purchase one and select “Comfort.” If you select “Safety” it 
will only give bonuses to trains that feature a Security Guard. Another useful bit of 
information, the bigger Louisville is the more passengers it will host.

You are going to get a lot of cities and you simply need to connect all the routes on there. 
There are going to be a lot of routes you can do.

Getting Atlantic’s population up will be your first focus due to the time constraint.

You should try and get the populations up of all the southern towns as it will allow 
them to produce more goods and feed into each other. When the tide rises we all go up.
To get Jacksonville to 70,000 you need to get to 60,000 and build a museum. 
This will reduce the amount of goods you will need to get it higher.

Chapter 5 – Sierra Nevada Tips:
Scenario: Well finally get to the second part of the first mission… finishing the 
intercontinental railway. This means going through a lot of mountains and this time you 
will be connecting from west to east… which is a lot harder. 
You will be playing against The Lady and The Engineer

1864 – Connect 4 cities to your rail network
1865 – Connect 8 rural businesses to your rail network
1866 – Achieve a quarterly profit of $600,000
This is a far more difficult opening objective because of artificial limits on where you 
can build. Finding 8 rural businesses that are providing in demand resources.

The best way to handle this is head for the $600,000 valuation. Try and connect business 
to Sacramento to bring up Sacramento’s population. In my go of this I connected San 
Francisco, Redding, Gold Beach and Los Angeles to Sacramento.

Luckily you only have to connect 8 rural businesses so worst comes to worst you just 
connect them and use them when they’re useful.

1866 – Reach a population of 50,000 in San Francisco

If you connect a beer route to San Francisco it will grow to 50,000 people. 
Building extra businesses into Sacremento that are in quick demand will help build up 
both San Francisco and Sacremento.

1867 – Reach a population of 100,000 in Sacremento
1868 – Build a rail network with a total length of 4,500 KM
1869 – Transport 50 passengers from San Francisco to Promotory Point without stopping

The biggest problem is space so make sure to have two stations down quickly. 
Move tracks appropriately and try and build as few bridges as possible. You will need 
to have all 16 entry points with stuff coming in to keep this place growing. 
If you build a museum it will make it that much easier.

Getting a route to Promotory Point is very expensive and will require going through 
multiple towns. Make sure you can get at least two lines running and set it to only Mail 
and Passengers until it is done. Transporting this many passengers is actually a lot 
slower than one would think.

1867 – Build a university in San Francisco

This is an achievement. Simply build San Fran up with as many routes as possible and you 
will unlock the option to build a university.

1868 = Establish an express connection between San Francisco and Los Angeles

This one is easy to get but can run into road blocks.

An express route is established by making a line that is very straight… with the 
fastest train… going the maximum possible speed. To accomplish this make a direct line, 
put in your fastest train, load it with your top staff who all like each other and use 
the Caboose. If you are struggling to get this even with this just look at your rail 
and try and correct any swivels in it until you get it.

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