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  Hints and Tips for: Rainbow Six: Siege 
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 Rainbow Six: Siege Cheats

Rainbow Six: Siege

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How To Skip Intro Videos:
All you need to do is rename "startup" folder. You have rights to rename it 
to anything, its all up to you, rename it to anything "xstartup or startupx".

Easy Renown:
Watch all three tutorials to quickly get 800 Renown. You can also skip the 
cinematics of the tutorials and still get the Renown. This allows you to get 
800 Renown in approximately 15 seconds. You can also get another 200 Renown 
for going to Uplay (may need to install an app) and selecting the "Rewards" 
option. You can spend 40 Uplay points to get 200 Renown. 
You can then use the 1,000 Renown to unlock two operators immediately at the 
start of the game.

How to Properly Kill a Smasher (Outbreak):
Written by Shebby

A guide on how to take down Smashers the quickest and most efficient way possible.

Throughout certain scripted points in a mission, you'll encounter a boss fight. 
When you enter a boss fight area the game will randomly choose either an Apex, a
Rooter, or a Smasher to spawn in, but there are a few moments where it will only
spawn an Apex or Rooter in a mission or two. I am making this guide to help players
figure out how to kill the Smasher as it is way more difficult for most people.

When a smasher spawns in it will immediately go for whoever is closest, if you are 
in an escort/protect mission you should always keep the Smasher focused on you or 
your team, they will not hesitate to go for the protect target and ruin your day. 
If the smasher is beating on a protect target you need to draw it's attention away
from the target by either shooting it in the back or the face.

-=The Fight=
#1:A smasher spawns in, the first thing you need to do is position yourself a safe 
   distance from the smasher.
#2:Once you're a good distance away get close to a wall. This is a very important 
#3:When you're close to a wall, turn around and try to agro the smasher by shooting 
   it in the head and mouth.
#4:When the smasher becomes agro'd it will throw its hands in the air for a second 
   and begin to charge at you
#5:The moment you see the hands go in the air you should immediately run out of 
   its path, but do not get too far away or you will miss your window of opportunity!
#6:If you followed Step 1 and 2 correctly the smasher will charge straight into a 
   wall and be stunned for about 3-4 seconds. When the smasher gets stunned go up 
   to the smasher's glowing red back and press your melee button when you see the 
   prompt appear. Each melee finisher will take away 1/3 of the smashers total 
#7:Once you've done your melee finisher you need to run away as soon as the animation 
   is over or you'll get punched in the face or swarmed by grunts! Repeat Step 1 
   through 6!

After you've done a melee finisher on the Smasher twice it's back will become more 
open and messed up as a sign that it's almost dead.

On the third melee finisher the smasher will die, but the animation for the finisher 
takes significantly longer! You must make sure you aren't surounded by grunts before 
doing this or you could be swarmed easily, assuming you're teammates aren't there to 

How to Play Blitz:
Written by Dragonbob

This guide will help provide tips, strategies and loadout details for the operator 

Hello everyone, in this guide I will be explaining the best ways to play blitz, 
what equipment you should use, and strategies for various situations. 

Blitz is an excellent operator for most 1v1 situations. If used properly blitz 
can win most encounters both close and long range.

Here obviously you have your flash shield and pistol. You will need to put a laser 
sight on your pistol, this is absolutly necessary for most mid to long range 
encounters. Your grenade slot depends on if you are going solo or with a squad. If 
you are solo you should pick the breaching charges whereas if you are in a squad 
you should choose the smoke greanades, as they can help with getting into the 
objective room (just make sure at least one person on your squad has breaching 

-=Close Range Engagements=-
Close range engagements require you to act quickly, when the enemy is very close 
to you your shield will not be big enough to stop them from shooting your sides. 
They can also meele your shield, which will knock it aside and stun you for several 
seconds. To prevent this you should flash them the second they get in range (a 
few meters, don't know the exact range) but flashing them isn't enough. Once 
flashed they will most likely blindly fire at where you were which can still 
damage you, so when you flash them move backwards and to the left or right, wait 
for them to run out of ammo or stop shooting, and finish them off. 
(remember: the farther you are the more protection your shield offers).

-=Mid to Long Range Engagements=-
In a mid or long range engagement you have two choices: close the distance or 
get a headshot, this is where your laser sight comes into play. If the enemy is 
shooting at you wait for them to stop, when they stop they will either stand 
still, retreat, throw a nitro cell, or keep strafing. If they retreat shoot 
them in the back, if they strafe close the distance and flash them, if they 
stand still aim your laser directly on their head then quickly aim down sights 
and headshot them, and if they throw a nitro cell aim your shield at the cell 
to reduce the damage.

-=Tips & Tricks=-
* Crouch when fighting the enemy, standing exposes your legs to enemy fire. 
* Travel with a teammate, they will help prevent flanks and kill enemies while 
  you distract them. 
* If you are about to enter a corridor where you turn you back on a room or hallway 
  drone first so you don't get shot from behind. 
* Mute jammers prevent you from using your flash shield, so before entering the 
  objective destroy the mute jammers so you can flash if an enemy rushes you. 
* Dont get kill hungry take your time and aim for the head or you will most likely 
  be killed, you don't have the firepower to aim for the body. 
* Never try to win a 2v1 situation if you are the one outnumbered, you will die 
  8/10 times. Retreat and either flank or get help from your team 
* Also, you are very loud when sprinting, so only sprint where you know you are 

Every Operator in 3 Sentences:
Written by Emsagrod

I'm gonna keep this as short as possible to let you at least know how every 
operators work. Don't expect any in-depth stuff from this at all. This is aimed 
for beginners that's still learning the basics of the game.

* He can blowtorch through reinforced walls to make small holes to peek and shoot through. 
* Try to catch him offguard while he's burning a hole with his torch. 
* He's Overpowered.

* When you see a timer on the top of your screen counting down quickly find a safe 
  spot to hide. 
* Once the timer goes off, don't move unless you're getting shot at or you're sure 
  they've found you. 
* If you move while his ability is active, you position will be revealed. 

* Her boost's area of effect is global. 
* Her boost gives her teammates 25 shield, Movement speed and Recoil Reduction. 
* If her teammates are injured, her boost revives the injured teammate. 

* She can make phone calls to everyone on the defender's team to give out their 
* She can have access to the defender's cameras after interacting with a dead defender 
* Her phone call doesn't work on Echo. 

* She can fire concussion grenades that temporaily deafen the defenders, also causing 
  them to be half-blind and experience dizzying effects. 
* She can fire grenades similar to impact grenades to open holes through breachable 
* She can recover really quickly from concussion effects. 

* She can throw a flashbang, except that it flashes several times in a row. 
* She can also stick her flashbang on breachable surfaces. Flashing enemies on the 
  other side. 
* She won't get blinded by her own flashbang. 

* He can trace defender's footprints. 
* He can reveal defender's identity and location by scanning their footprints 
* Mute jammers disables his ability to track footprints. 

* Hibana can break through reinforced walls with her pellets. 
* Her pellets opens a small rectangular hole but she can fire several of them to 
  make a larger hole. 
* Bandit's shock wire or Mute jammers can disable and destroy the pellets. 

* Fires a bolt that deals damage to defenders in area of effect. 
* He can also fire a smoke grenade. 
* He can't make a headshot with his crossbow. 

* He can place a bulletproof shield on top of his weapon. 
* When he's aiming with his sight's, the shield will protect his head from headshots. 
* Blackbeard + Crouch + Highground = Profit. 

* His shotgun can shoot through non-reinforced walls, floors and ceilings. 
* With that being said, don't stay near breachable surfaces. 
* Master of wallbangs. 

* His hammer can be used to break through breachable walls and floors. 
* His hammer can also be used to destroy deployables. 
* He's vulnerable while using his hammer, since it takes so long for him to take and 
  swing it. 

* He can throw an EMP grenade to disable any electronic devices in range. 
* This includes Cameras, Sights, Pulse's heartbeat sensor, and even Vigil's ability. 
* Focking laser sights. 

* She can use breaching rounds to break through breachable surfaces. 
* Breaching rounds can be used to destroy deployable shields or barbed wires. 
* Bandit's shock wire and Jager's ADS can destroy her breaching rounds. 

* His exothermic charge can break through reinforced walls, very loudly. 
* He's vulnerable while placing an exothermic charge. 
* Bandit's shock wire and Mute jammers can disable and destroy his exothermic charge. 

* Grenades and Well placed Nitro cells can ruin his day. 
* He's vulnerable from behind. 
* He won't get knocked back by melee attacks effectively if he extends his shield. 

* Her drones can deal damage to enemies, deployables and cameras. 
* Mute's gonna leave the game. 
* Her drones can't jump. 

* His flash shield can be used to temporaily blind defenders. 
* Unlike any other shields, he can sprint with his shield up. 
* Mute jammers can disable his flash shield's active if he's in the area of effect. 

* She can scan for electronic devices. 
* This includes Bomb and Biohazard Containers. (Objectives in Bomb and Secure Area).
* She can't detect gadgets that don't run on power. Such as Frost's welcome mats. 

* He can place Cluster Charges on breachable surfaces, popping grenades to the other side. 
* It can injure and kill defenders on the other side, also destroying deployables. 
* Infamous for killing hostages. 

* His scope comes with thermal sights, allowing him to see enemies more clearly. 
* His scope can see through smokes. 
* Details. 

* Her shield is extendable, like Montagne's. 
* But unlike Montagne, she can be knocked back slightly with melee attacks. 
* She can't shoot while she's holding her shield, but her shield can slow and deal damage. 

* He can place cameras. 
* His cameras can be used to shoot targets. 
* His cameras can't be destroyed by gunfire or melee hits. But can be destroyed by 
  Sledge hammer. 

* She can place clones of herself. 
* Shooting the clone will reveal the attacker. 
* The same goes if attackers tried walking through the clone. 

* Vigil can use his ability to be invisible from cameras and drones. 
* However, his footsteps can still be heard. 
* Interference border will appear around the edge of the camera screen if Vigil is 
  invisible but nearby. 

* She can throw concussion mines that works like Zofia's concussion grenades. 
* Her mines are quite small, so they aren't easy to find. 
* Ela herself can also recover from concussion effects really quickly. 

* He can place poison darts on floors, that's so small it's almost invisible. 
* Poison darts deal damage per second and causes the attack to lose the ability to run. 
* The effect ends after the attacker pull out the dart from his leg. 

* She can place one-sided-mirrors that are also bulletproof. 
* Banned in almost every game in competitive play. (Tournaments).
* Be careful if she placed her mirror beside a breachable wall, she will shoot you 
  through it. 

* Defender's version of Twitch 
* His drone can hover and stick on ceilings. 
* His drones can temporaily cause dizzying effects to enemies in range. 

* While her ability is active, her footsteps are really quiet. 
* She can injure her target then interact with him/her to execute him/her. 
* After executing her target, all the attacking operators and position will be revealed. 

* She can place cameras. 
* 1440p HD cameras running with constant 300 FPS and 0.1 m/s ping. 
* She can break a barricade and throw her camera outside the objective building for 

* Her welcome mat can immediately injure an attacker that stepped on it. 
* But her welcome mat is really huge and easy to notice. 
* She will most likely place them behind deployable shields and below barbed wires 
  to hide it. 

* His jammers can disable any electronic devices in range. 
* Because of how loud his jammers are to drones, Mute's existance can be revealed 
  by attackers before the match even starts. 
* Try destroying the jammer that's disabling your device, but make sure nones around 
  to kill you. 

* He can deploy poisonous smoke that deals damage in the affected area. 
* Including his own teammates, but not himself. 
* What's in the canister? 

* He can place reinforced barricades instead of wooden barricades. 
* Reinforced barricades take 12 melee hits to break instead of 3. 
* A hole around the size of bullet hole is made after hitting reinforced barricades 
  with melee hits. 

* He can scan for heartbeats through walls, ceilings and floors. 
* In short, he's map hacking. 
* His own heartbeat also goes down to 0 if he fails miserably. 

* His stim pistol can heal allies or himself. 
* If a teammate is injured, he can use it to revive him from a distance. 
* He can also revive himself with the stim pistol. 

* Place an armor pack for the whole team. 
* Teammates with armor will take reduced damage from bodyshots. 
* Attackers can steal your armor pack, so make sure it's empty or just destroy it 
  if neccessary. 

* His ADS can disable all grenades thrown into the device's line of sight. 
* EMP grenades will still disable ADS if it's thrown in range and at ADS's blind spot. 
* Roam god. 

* Place shock wires on reinforced walls or barbed wires. 
* Anyone interacting with the shocked walls or wires will be damaged. 
* Shock wires also destroys devices, Including your teammates devices. 

* Deploys mounted LMG that melts anyone walking into line of sight. 
* His LMG also has a bulletproof glass blocking headshots. 
* Attackers will kneel down and pray everytime they see him. 

* His traps deal damage to attackers that walked past. 
* Peeking sideways of a door is a great way to check for his traps. 
* Because a real hunter always watches where he steps.

How to Get All Operators for Free (Uplay+):
Written by sWume

Until the end of September, you can get all of the operators in Rainbow Six Siege for free!

It's pretty simple. Right now, Ubisoft is giving away a free trial of Uplay+, which includes 
free access to R6 Ultimate Edition. This unlocks all operators, which should remain even 
after the free trial of Uplay+ ends.

* Log on to Ubisoft and follow the instructions on the website to activate the free 
  trial of Uplay+.
* After activating, add R6 Ultimate Edition to your library.
* Launch R6 to access the operators.

Deactivate the subscription! You can do this from your Ubisoft profile. Do this shortly 
after redeeming free trial as you will keep the free month. Otherwise, you get stuck with 
a $20/month subscription!

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