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  Hints and Tips for: Rally Championship 
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 Rally Championship Cheats

Rally Championship

Submitted by: eanbuklue

NAME               ACTION
WORLD CLASS      - A8 Championship
MAX POWER        - Citroen WRC Car
THROW ME A BONE  - Citroen Saxo WRC Car
TURBO CHALLENGE  - A8 Cars in Time Trial/Single Race Modes
ARCADE UNLIMITED - Energy in Arcade Mode
GIVE ME TIME     - Extra Service Time in Arcade Mode (press T)
ARCADE ACTION    - Arcade Mode Surprises
RADIO CAR        - R/C Car
FURRY DICE       - Hidden Car 1
GROUP B          - Hidden Car 2
LAMBAAGHINI      - Hidden Car 3
MF HOTBACK       - Hidden Car 4
MOOSERATI        - Hidden Car 5
SPUD CAR         - Hidden Car 7
TREE HUGGER      - Hidden Car 8

Hint 1:
Selecting automatic transmission won't eliminate the need 
for a finger on the shift-up button if the tranny is worn. 
It will pop out of gear regularly in this scenario and must 
be forced back in.

Hint 2:
Study the posted top speeds for each upcoming stage and 
ensure that your gear ratios are set to handle them without 
over-revving and thus damaging the engine.

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