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  Hints and Tips for: Randal's Monday 
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 Randal's Monday Cheats

Randal's Monday

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David  K.

Easy "Brainiac" achievement:
Become the Sous-Chef in the prison kitchen. The Cook will tell you to make 
soup. Take the detergent tablet from the prison uniform in the left cell 
in the corridor and place it in the pot. Start the hot plate by pressing 
the left green, right blue, right green and left green buttons in that 
order. Then, press the red button to start it. 

Easy "Good friend" achievement:
During the conversation with Matt and Sally at Clayton's Cave, try to stop
Matt from drinking. Do not select the dialogue involving Go-Carts or the 

Easy "I want no spoilers" achievement:
When at Charlie's Comics, edit the Sci-FI Con date with the Edding. 
The Convention will now be on Monday. 

Easy "Lover of The Trilogy" achievement:
On Day 4, the HAL Computer will ask you three questions. You must answer 
each correctly. All of the questions start with "If [name].... 
The correct answer is always the name mentioned. 

Easy "Survival horror lover" achievement:
Solve Mortimer's riddle which saves his Millennium Enterprise with only one 
attempt. To do this, use the log in the chimney. A clock will begin ticking. 
Open the first drawer on the left side on the desk. Press the red button. 
Some books on the shelf will move. Select the red book, then select the 
other two books. Open the second drawer and press the green button. The 
books will move again. Select any book, select the green book second, then 
select any book again. Open the third drawer and press the blue button. 
The books will move again. Press any book first and second, then select the 
green book third. A panel at the bottom of the shelf will open, revealing 
a key. 

Easy "Three meals a day" achievement:
There are pigeons on the roof of Randal's building. Get the bowl with corn 
from the Pub and the rat poison from of Matt's kitchen. Use the bowl with 
the pigeons to feed them for the first time. Then, go to the Pawn Shop and 
place the bowl on the gas cylinder to make popcorn. Return to the pigeons 
and feed them the popcorn. Add the rat poison to the popcorn. 
Feed the pigeons again and they will die.

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