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  Hints and Tips for: Rashlander 
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 Rashlander Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Alternate Routes Guide:
Written by Ryan Dorkoski

Here is the alternate routes guide in Rashlander. hope this guide will help you. 
If you have any questions about this guide. let me know.

If you complete a level (land on the goal platform) fast enough, you will gain access 
to an alternate route. Here is how you know how long you have to finish the level:
* The arrow pointing towards the goal is also a timer; the internal color of it depletes
* If the final platform is in visual range, it is lit up when the route can still be 
* If you get Grandpaís Watch, you will get a countdown timer
* Landing on fuel platforms gains you +6 seconds which helps extend the timer
-=Notes about getting the alternate route=-
* You will get a small fuel upgrade, and full fuel as soon as you get the alternate route
* You have an infinite amount of time to finish the alternate route
* By doing the alternate route, you get one extra upgrade compared to if you didnít take 
  the alternate route
* Each alternate route gives you a rare bonus upgrade that can make the game substantially 
* List of upgrades given from each alternate route=-
Route 1: Chemistry Breakthrough; gets you fuel from space particles you fly through.

Route 2: Government Keycard; when you land on black government enemy platforms you earn 
points, fuel, and the first one gives you a blueprint to change your ship into an enemy 
design so you get guns and a black paintjob.

Route 3: Antigravity;

Route 4: Jammer; gives you significantly more time to be able to get the alternate route 
and be able to loop in Route 5.

Route 5: you get the option to loop.

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