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  Hints and Tips for: Ravenfield 
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 Ravenfield Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Secret Weapon Locations:
Written by Nukebox.

-=Heavy Machine Gun (HMG)=-
So Ravenfield has 4 maps (technically 5) and there are secret weapons 
in all of them. So, lets start with the first one, Island.

Island has the HMG which is a very powerful weapon; it can even destroy 
vehicles. In order to find it you have to go to this peninsula thingy. 
Note: the two arrows represent the two ways you can go there depending 
on what team you're on.

The Hydra is a shoulder launched Surface to Surface type of launcher 
that fires 7 missiles on the marked target. The best way to get there 
is by plane. It's on the barely visible northern oasis in the map 
Note: the two arrows represent the two ways you can go there depending 
on what team you're on.

-=Air Horn
In the map Temple, there's one of the most silly weapons in the game. 
The Air Horn. Literaly. It's near a frozen waterfall and you can only 
get this one from the ground. Note: the two arrows represent the two 
ways you can go there depending on what team you're on.

-=Automatico Akimbo
Last but not least is the map Archipelago. In the latest update the 
Dual Automaticos were added and not many guides cover that part. So, 
to get this one it's your choice on how to do it. I prefer to use the 
helicopter as it provides me with a clear view of their position. 
Their location is on some hilly terrain close to the harbor. 
Note: the two arrows represent the two ways you can go there depending 
on what team you're on.

-=AA-AA (Custom Map)
This one is the AA-AA, pretty much an Automatico Akimbo modified to
fire flak rounds. Perfect against all sort of targets. Located on 
the map Eclipse Fortess.

Edit: This somehow has disappeared! The theory is that by the updates 
it got removed accidentaly. So be advised about this one. 
Try to comment to eclipse fortress' comment section that it disappeared.

-=(Bonus) Patriot
While right now it's not a secret anymore, I decided to add this on in 
here for historical purposes. In the old archipelago you could get it 
by grabing a plane and very carefully crashing it on the carrier 
control tower. Then you had to jump down a few floors and you would
find it. Now there's nothing there. Not even the pedestal.

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