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  Hints and Tips for: Ray Room 
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 Ray Room Cheats

Ray Room

Submitted by: RM

-Collect the chopsticks from the bed. 
-Zoom in on the blankets on the bed and collect the silver 
 key next to them. 
-Click the top of the table at the bottom of the picture and then 
 click under the table to find and collect the cat. 
-Move left twice and click the top of the wardrobe to find the 
 packet of noodles. 
-Move left twice (again) and search in the shelves for the bowl 
 and the yellow book. 
-Click behind the shelves to find the kettle. 
-Move left again and zoom in on the desk. Use the key to open the 
 three smaller drawers and collect the PS2 CD, the electric cable and 
 the PS2 controller. 
-Then zoom in on the fridge and open it (the door opens left to right) 
 and collect the PS2. 
-OK, time to combine some of the items. Highlight the bowl and click the 
 button on the left to examine it. Click the noodles and click the bowl 
 to put them in the bowl. 
-Highlight the kettle and click the power cable to connect it to the kettle. 
-Highlight the bowl again and click the kettle onto it to add the water to 
 the noodles. Finally click and place the book on top of the bowl to let 
 the noodles soak. Remove the book and use the chopsticks to eat the noodles
 and reveal another key. 
-Highlight the PS2 and connect the controller and insert the disk. Zoom in 
 on the TV on top of the fridge and use the PS2 on it. You should get the 
 code of 0602 displayed. 
-Zoom in on the PC. Turn it on (yes, I donít know what it says here as 
 well!) and then click the cat. Then click the screen and then click the 
 keyboard and use the code of 0602 to logon. Collect the ghost doll in 
-Zoom in on the desk again. Use the second key on the long drawer and 
 collect another power cable. 
-Move left twice so youíre facing the blank wall. If you examine the doll 
 and use a bit of Babelfish  translation you will see it says something 
 about the blank wall. So with the doll highlighted in your inventory 
 click on the blank wall until you reveal the secret compartment. 
 Collect the drill. 
-Examine the drill and connect the power cable. Then move right and look 
 down by the head of the bed to find the power socket. 
-Connect the drill into the power and leave it to charge up. It will 
 return to the inventory when itís done. 
-Zoom out and then move left three times. Click the handle of the door 
 and escape and also relief!

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